Thursday, April 14, 2011

Milk, Cookies and Bedtime Stories Baby Shower Part 3

Prior to filling the milk bottles (whoops, forgot to move the kleenex box!)
If you've missed my last couple of posts, I've been showing you what I spent last weekend doing when I hosted a baby shower for my friend. Today, I'll show you to most important part, the food! If you want to see the printed material and the decorations, click on the links.

So it wouldn't be a cookies and milk themed party without cookies and milk. Now I know they make milk in a bunch of varieties including gross ones like Banana and Strawberry flavoured, but frankly, I'm only a fan of the white and chocolate ones. And since I knew I would be drinking the leftovers, I stuck with my favourites. One of the guests couldn't have dairy so I was going to do soy, but she assured me she hates soy milk so not to get any just for her.

For cookies I made my favourite chocolate chip (a recipe passed down from Grandma!)

Creme wafers

Raspberry Ribbons (I'm SO addicted to these. Very, very dangerous!)

 peanut butter haystacks

 and some gluten-free peanut butter cookies.

I also threw in some store-bough favourites: Oreos, Maple Cremes, Goodie Rings (the smell of these mixed with the chocolate chip cookies took me right back to my Grandma's cookie tin!) and a lemon gluten-free variety.

Everyone needs a little cake (don't they?) so I made cupcakes topped with a mini chocolate chip cookie and a white chocolate milk bottle.

 I found the bottle moulds at Bulk Barn when I was visiting my mom last fall and am pleased to announce that they finally opened a store in my city. Apparently they heard my cries!

I also got a fruit tray and had coffee, tea and punch for those who didn't want any more cookies and milk (what?!? I have no idea who that would be!). And as I was purchasing easter candy I came across the cookies and creme hershey kisses so they became "Goodnight kisses"

For activities I wanted to be careful what I planned. I know there are some people who LOVE baby shower games and some people who LOATHE them. I didn't think I could have a shower without something to do, so I opted to come up with some activities that people could participate in as little or as much as they wanted and/or would be over quick. So this is what I did. In keeping with the "story" part of the theme, I gave guests a list of nursery rhymes when they arrived (and we waited for everyone to show up). Except they were only given the initials of the title. They had to figure out what each rhyme was and the person with the most got the prize (There was an advantage to coming early. See? It pays to be on time!) I had one rhyme for each letter of the alphabet. The winner had 12 right. I was quite impressed.

Once everyone showed up I had everyone stand in a circle and I randomly handed out the other 2 prize bags. Then I read a story of Mr. and Mrs. Wright having a baby (I found it online and can't remember where I got it. There are variations all over the place). Every time I said the words right/wright or left then they had to pass the bag in that direction. Whoever ended up with the prizes at the end got to keep them.

The last thing we did was make a mad-lib (again, I found the template online) about the new Mom's "experience" of having a baby. Of course it was nothing like her real delivery. I figured this was simple enough for those who didn't want to participate as they then didn't have to suggest words. :)

Then Mom spent the next hour opening gifts and we all took turns holding the sleeping one month old. I asked the guests to each bring their favourite childhood story instead of a card as a way to grow their bed-time story library. She got some great books!

So that's the shower. Now someone else needs to have a baby. I have a few other favourite themes I need to get out of my system. Ha!

If you want any of the recipes for the food I made, let me know, I'll gladly send them to you!

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  1. Those cupcakes are the cutest! And I have to say that the chocolate chip picture from your grandma is making me quite drooly! Haven't had a good old fashioned chocolate chip cookie in awhile!

  2. Yum! It all looks so good! Thanks for visiting my blog, I'll be your newest follower!

  3. Cute theme. Now I just need someone to have a baby around Last year would have been perfect. We had 9 babies in my circle of friends. I was assistant in throwing many of the showers. Only two of the friends might have more children so I will keep this Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am your newest follower.

  4. Everything is so cute! My mouth started watering at those chocolate chip cookies -lol. :) So excited about this blog club and I it is wonderful to "meet" you!

  5. What a cute milk and cookies party. I love those little chocolate milk jugs - adorable.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing a little blog love. I appreciate it!!

  6. Everything looks FANTASTIC!!! You did a great job and I loved all of your decorations and games. I would LOVE some of your recipes if you don't mind. The chocolate chip cookies look DELICIOUS and I would also love to try the raspberry ribbons and the peanut butter haystack. jenand22(at)hotmail(dot)com

  7. We will feature this party on our blog tomorrow! I used some of the pictures and I hope that is ok...but I did like the pictures back to your site. FABULOUS ideas!!

  8. Please send me the recipes you used for your homemade cookies. They look wonderful. I am going to be doing a similar shower in a couple weeks. Your cookies look amazing.

  9. Wow this party look amazing. Love all the attention to details. I am about to start planning my sisters baby shower, and this is the theme that I thought of. I would love to get a hold of your files that you created for the sings/labels etc, as well do you have a copy of the nursery ryhme game you played? That sounds like fun too. I would appreciate any help.

    anu1c @ hotmail . com


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