Monday, April 11, 2011

Mady's First Snowman

Mady's first snowman Spring 2011
The thing about spring in my city is that it takes forever to come. While some of you have long-since planted your gardens or are at least going outside without jackets, we're still dealing with the freeze/thaw tug-of-war and random dumps of snow. I keep convincing myself that each snowfall will be the last one, but technically our last frost date (according to the gardeners) is something like June 3. Ya. Ridiculous.

About a week ago we got a HUGE dump of snow over the weekend (something like 20 cm) and it was the thick, wet variety. Even though that is a pain to shovel, it's perfect snowman weather. It was nice and warm out (okay, not freezing) so Mark took Mady out to help him shovel the walk and while they were out he helped her make a snowman. Actually, they made 2. A little one a big one.

The little snowman is on the right. Hard to see, but it's there.

Whoops, he lost his head. Don't worry, Daddy fixed it.

I was inside making supper so I didn't get to help, but when I saw what they were doing through the window I grabbed the camera and made Daddy take pictures. In the one above Mady is looking at me as I'm telling Mark all the pictures he has to get. He puts up with me now, but later he'll be glad I made him capture the memories!


  1. Cute! We haven't been able to make a snowman this year (yet again). I'm starting to think that that SK doesn't ever get wet snow, just the good for nothing powder stuff :(

  2. Haha- "nothing to lose your head over," right? Looks like fun!


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