Thursday, August 18, 2011

I Need A New Board Game!

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Mark and I LOVE to play games. We have quite the stash of our own and we were part of a game club for a year and got exposed to a bunch of games that way. Tons of our friends are into playing games. And the best wedding gift we got (thanks Shawn and Sara) was a game. I've stolen the idea and will often give a game to newlyweds.

But, we haven't bought a game in a long time. We need a new one. I'm itching for something fun, competitive with some good strategy (and a bit of luck). I asked on my facebook page the other day and didn't get much for ideas so I thought I'd better give some better parameters of what I'm looking for.

Here's what we don't like:
*Cranium style games where a person has to act, yell, draw or generally make a fool out of themselves (basically any party-style game Mark hates)
*Pop culture games (because they get dated very quickly) though I think I would KILL at 90's trivial pursuit.
*Two person games because we can't share the fun with friends
*Games that once you figure out a solution, you can always win (like mastermind)

Things we love in a game:
*quick play, or a style that allows everyone to participate even when it's not their turn
*easy to learn (better for teaching friends) but takes a while to master (so we don't get bored)
*We like some strategy
*We need it to have some luck (or someone might get sulky when they don't have a good strategy. I'll let you guess who.)

And basically if the game came out in 2008 or before, assume we've played it.

So, do you have suggestions for some NEW games?? If not, what is your favourite game to play and why?


  1. Bonanza (love!), Carcasonne, Puerto Rico, Tikal, Endeavor, Settlers (assuming you have that...) and Cities and Knights, Ticket to Ride...
    Those are our favourites that I can think of off the top of my head. I'll keep thinking though!

  2. You would LOVE ticket to ride!!

    Friends of ours brought it over from the US for us last summer and we love, love, love it! Everytime someone comes to visit we get it out...any excuse! :D xx

  3. I know I already posted on Facebook, but then I remembered the name of the game I was thinking of. 7 Wonders. It and Dominion both have strategy, a bit of luck, and are easy to teach. We are asking for both for Christmas :)

  4. Dutch Blitz..I know its a card game..but its super fun..And Dominion, is it this one you are talking about? if so ..we got it for christmas from my sister and her havent opened our style..just hafta figure out how to get out of playing it with them sometime lol

  5. Wilkie - Bonanza (love!), - love, but Mark is sick of it
    Carcasonne, - our current fave
    Puerto Rico, - don't own, but love. Just hard to teach.
    Tikal, - tell me more...
    Endeavor, - tell me more...
    Settlers (assuming you have that...) and Cities and Knights, - don't own because Mark hates it (I think because he's never won)
    Ticket to Ride... - Love, love, love it! We've played every version (Europe being the best and the one we own.)

    Melissa - I will have to check both those out. We have played neither.

    Melinda - do if you decide to sell off your copy... :) I like dutch blitz. I'm too good at it, so again, Mark doesn't like it.

    Are you guys seeing who the problem is here?? :)

  6. Carcasonne - to keep it interesting get expansions. The tower expansion makes it far more challenging!

    Endeavor - I really enjoy this one. Not too hard to explain to people. Can involve lots of strategy, but still can be played by people who missed out on strategic gene (like me!). Also a good length of time. Concept is "claiming or buying" shipping lines to inhabit islands.

    Tikal - My bro just got this for Christmas, so it's only be played a few times...but still good. Same as above. People can understand after they play it through once, but the strategy can continue...Hmmm, and concept is exploring the South America native lands (or something...can't quite remember...).

  7. Melinda - yes, that's the one. OPEN IT! I didn't think we'd like it from looking at the box and the directions, but once we played we were hooked!

  8. can't think of to much yet but ticket to ride is one of our favorites


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