Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Last April Birthday Cards

Whew! I made it through all the April cards!

Technically there is a May 1st birthday that I lump in with the April cards since I have to make it in April, but I realized that I totally forgot to take pictures of it before it went out in the mail yesterday, so I'll have to get the recipient to take them for me. Since that one will be delayed so you just get two today.

My mom and Mark both celebrated birthdays this past week.

When I saw the inspiration for this card design I knew it would be something that would work well for my mom. I like the zigzag fold of the paper on the bottom (yea for the silhouette's ability to perforate any line). My mom is not a complicated person so I liked the simplicity of the design. I picked the colours as they fall into the palette of colours that my mom likes so when I see them I think of her.

For Mark I've learned that he isn't so much into the whole home made cards thing. I mean, he doesn't hate them, nor would I say he prefers a store bought card, but he's a guy and, well, as a general rule they don't tend to notice the layers and details that a woman would notice in a home made card. For this reason I have a hard time finding card design ideas for him because I don't want to spend hours and hours on something that isn't so appreciated. Is that messed up? Should I not care and do it anyway? Whatever. He cares more about what is written on the inside. But this year I found the perfect idea. I love this card design just as much as he did! Humorous cards are always hard (in my opinion) unless you get a humours stamp and I don't like reusing the same joke, so I never buy them. But perhaps with the ability to cut out any font on my computer (and if I get the sketch pens -hopefully soon- then I can write anything!) humour cards very well may be on their way. Here's the first one of the future series:

He KNOWS how much that is! Hehe!


  1. Wow, you are very talented! I love your cards :)

  2. love that last card it really cracked me up

  3. Oh I love them! I also love your sense of humor. That last card made me laugh.


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