Friday, April 15, 2011

Aggie Days

Last weekend we took the girls to our local Aggie Days. Which is short for agricultural days. Basically a weekend to introduce all the city kids to life on a farm and teach them that milk comes from cows (and goats and sheep) and not just "the fridge" as one of the kids answered at a live demonstration.

Mady is still at the age where she doesn't feel the need to do all the activities and instead just likes to look at the animals. Truthfully Mom and Dad are TOTALLY okay with that! :) She got to pet a horse and a baby chick. We tried to pet a sheep, but she kept walking away and something about her said she would bite if we tried too hard (she was a momma with a baby). We saw everything from cows, pigs, horses and goats to swans, llamas and donkeys. Of course all the baby animals were a favourite. There were lambs that were 1, 2, 3 and 4 weeks old. It's amazing how much they grow in such a short time. Even this city kid learned some things.

I went through a "corn maze" with Mady (she was shorter than the walls, I was not) and we got to "milk" a "cow." Basically a fake cow with a rubber udder and you squeeze out water into a "bucket" which then recycles the water for the next kid. All the joys of the milk experience without the fear of getting kicked. You gotta break in city kids slowly.

We watched some bunny races and planted a couple sunflower seed. She was so funny with her planted seeds. She became very protective of them and carried the container so carefully the rest of the afternoon. It now sits in my kitchen window and now I'm going to have to remember to water the thing! I hope I don't kill it on her! But I love sunflowers, so I'm totally okay with some of them growing in my yard, which they said I could move them to once the frost leaves. So, um, June?

I asked Mady what her favourite animal was. She said the cow (that's what she's looking at above). I think that's only because I told her the Jersey cow made chocolate. But then another parent gave me a weird look so I corrected myself and said that the cow made milk that we turn into chocolate. I liked my original answer better. :)


  1. My kiddos would totally LOVE aggie days!! I would be hearing non-stop Mooooooo sounds! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog - I can't BELIEVE it's still snowing in Canada - but then again I can. It only stopped snowing here 2 weeks ago and its nasty, rainy and cold here this weekend!!

  2. This is neat! Sometimes I can't believe I live in MN and know so little about agriculture hahaha! I could have used this as a kiddo.

  3. looks like a fun day. looking forward to seeing more of your blog welcome to the blog club


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