Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sneak peak at a Sock Hop

this is part of the centrepiece. I'll show you the whole thing next week.

It's birthday party week at our house! I get asked every day if this is "the day friends are coming for the party?" Mady is totally excited to spend a morning dancing with all her friends. And of course, I'm excited too.

I've been working on some of the decor. These are some things that are going to show up at the party. Can't wait for finished product. I hope this is bigger and better in my mind...

Melted records to make bowls for food.

Oh, did I mention that Mark is out of town the night before the party? Ya, he's working the Stanley cup play-offs (if you're a hockey fan, you can be jealous. He works in television, so he's got a pretty good view!), arriving back just in time for the party. Which means I will be setting everything up after the girls go to bed by myself. So I'll be up late. That's what afternoon naps are for, right??


  1. going to be a great time. what fun love the bowls did you make them?

  2. Looks cute! I can't wait to see your post from the whole party! Wish we could be there :(

  3. Really like those bowls! So creative.

  4. Melanna, if you need more record bowls let me know. I have two. Leanne

  5. That is going to be one fabulous party. I must admit that I do love a good theme party and you've created wonderful decor to set the mood.

  6. wow, I am jealous of your husband, but I would be even more jealous if the Sabres were playing, lol. How did you make that bowl??? very cool.

  7. you just put the record in the oven (200ºF) on top of a smaller bowl (I used a metal one) that's stacked on a glass (so it has room to melt(. Once the sides fall, then you pull it out and stack another, slightly larger bowl on top and push it down to give it shape.


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