Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I don't know when it started for me, but somewhere in life I discovered the pleasure of lists.

I know some people find them overwhelming or guilt inducing but for me they keep me organized and there is such satisfaction when I get to cross items off (in fact, I'll write things onto the list that I've completed that weren't on it at the beginning of the day just so I can cross them off!).

I have lists for everything. Some I update daily, others weekly, monthly or seasonally. Some are just lists so that I don't forget things for the future when I'm looking for ideas.

Here's a list (ha!) of some of the lists that you can find buried in my computer if you went searching. This of course, doesn't include my pinterest collection which is lists in a whole new form!

*To Do List (but not just any to do list. I have it categorized by day, week and month)
*Craft/sewing project list
*Christmas Wish list (for the entire family. It's hard to shop for a few members of my household, so I keep a list all year for when I hear them randomly say "you know what I need?..."
*Christmas gift giving list (so I don't forget the stuff that I've done in advance)
*Christmas baking list
*Christmas activities to remember to do
*Summer activities to do
*Yummy food that I want to remember to serve company
*Meal plan menu list (meals that I use in my meal plan rotation)
*Clothes to buy for the girls, me and Mark
*30 before 30 list
*House project lists (I have a few categories: areas to organize, gadgets/gizmos/hardware to improve a room, decor items I'm on the look-out for, renos/updates to do)
*Party ideas (general themes)
*Party plans (typically for the girls' birthdays or whatever the next party is that I'm working on)
*Important documents (I've been asking Mark for this list for forever. We're finally working on it. It's all those things that he's nicely taken care of, but I'll forget where he said he keeps them. That way if he gets hit by a bus I won't be searching for items in the wrong places)
*Grocery List (which always has at least 1 item on it, even if I JUST went to the store)
*Recipes to try
*People we want to have over

I'm sure there are more. But those would be the less important lists of info that I want to have on file for future reference (Don't worry, I only keep things that I will actually USE in the future!).

How about you? Are you a list maker? Am I totally crazy? Any lists that you think I'm missing?


  1. hahaha, I am a list maker too, but honey, you put me to shame! lol. Do you keep your lists on your computer? I prefer to handwrite my lists on scraps of paper and stick them to my refridgerator. :P

  2. While I don't make nearly as many lists as you do, I am a huge fan of lists. I always have a shopping list on the go, with at least 1 item, even if I just came back from the store. I keep a "to do" list for Josh and I with really blah tasks such as filing or taking the van in for servicing. And Christmas time brings many more lists (however, I don't begin those until October or November). Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh, just reading this makes me inspired for more lists. I'm *definitely* a list maker! Usually just at work...lists for the week, month, long term, day, etc. But I think I like the idea of saved lists for all occasions!

  4. Saved lists saves my sanity because then I don't have to remember things over and over every year (or however often). I have a packing list for when I travel with the girls (and by myself). So much better than forgetting a favourite blanket or whatever. And with saved lists you can add things as you think of them, so then when Christmas (or whatever) comes up then you've got all your ideas right in front of you.

  5. How do you add to your lists? I'm forever thinking of things when I'm NOT where I can add to a list (in the shower, driving, etc).

  6. Esther, I have that problem too, but I've gotten really good about remembering that I have something to add. I'm do a lot on the computer so usually my lists are close by...

  7. i go through ups and downs with list making depending on mylife at the time. pre hystorectomy I couldn't remember anything and had tons of lists not long after I didn't seem to need them anymore. doc says something about pain management and the brain my brain was putting to much effort into not having me in pain anymore so I needed the lists. well thats been several years now and there are days when I must make lists to remember probably soemthign to do with getting older.


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