About Me

My name is Melanna. Let's take a minute to learn how to say that, because it's not said how it LOOKS. It rhymes with Donna, and Shauna. Not with Hannah, and Jana. There, now that that's out of the way...

I'm a girl with ideas.

Wait. That's not true.

I'm a girl who gets inspired by OTHER people's ideas.

Way more true.

When my list of projects and party themes ideas got longer than my list of, um, anything else productive, I decided I'd better start a blog to keep me motivated to be working on said list and trying some new things too (can we say, stuck in a rut??)

Too bad it just made that list get even longer!

Oh ya, and I had a second kid. And after taking pictures and doing fun things with the first one for 2 years, I realized it would be really easy to forget to do all that with the second one. So I started my blog to help me remember to take pictures of all the memories we make.

I'm still learning to remember to take pictures and I'm totally a newbie when it comes to taking good ones. Please be patient with me. And if you feel so inclined, send me a nice new camera. Mine can no longer keep up with me.

Some of the stuff we do around here are parties, some outings, crafting, recipes and sewing projects. Just kind of whatever I'm into at the moment.

Sometimes I rant because I have strong opinions about a few things. I try not to do it too often. :)

And most posts centre around these cute little faces:
But not all. I promise.

I quit my job at a church after my maternity leave was done to stay home with my girls and I teach music on the side with a local studio. I also have a fantastic husband who puts up with all my quirks and multiple projects (um, piles of crap).

We sure like company around here so feel free to stick around, we'd love to have you! (uh, we like company on the blog. If you want to stay at my house, you have to book an appointment, but, if I don't know you, I'll probably just give you directions to the nearest Holiday Inn)

If you need to contact me you can do so at:
rhapsodyofcacophony (at) gmail (dot) com