Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

We had a pretty relaxed Easter, but I did make sure that we had a little bit of fun!

I skipped the egg hunt only because it was just our family together and I thought it wouldn't be as much fun with just Mady. Next year when Kate is big enough to join in the fun I think we'll do one.

On Saturday Mady and I coloured eggs while Daddy was at work. We only had one catastrophe (and really it was just a tiny crack so I just dipped the other end up to the crack). We coloured on the eggs with crayon first. It sort of worked. I didn't have white crayon and the ones we own are all washable so you had to be careful to not touch the crayon when you took them out of the water.

Mady picked the colours: Pink, Purple, Orange and Yellow.  Since I was the only adult while this was taking place and we were trying to be quick before Kate woke up from her nap, I didn't take pictures of the actual dying of eggs, but I did get them all lined up in the carton after. Totally forgot to take pictures of the actual designs. I'll get better at documenting as I mature as a mother, right??

Saturday night Mady helped me make Jell-O eggs for after our easter lunch. I would love, Love, LOVE those 3D egg molds from Kraft, but they don't ship to Canada and Kraft Canada doesn't carry them (I check to make sure this hasn't changed EVERY year. Sigh). Any american friends want to volunteer their address for next year and then ship them to me?? Pretty please? Anyway, we used my wilton egg shaped cupcake molds. They work too and have pretty designs. Here is Mady with the finished product.

Mark was even a trooper and tried to eat one (he hates Jell-O) because Mady made them. He made it about half-way through one taking the teeniest bites I've ever seen. I just laughed at him and ate two!

Earlier in the week Mady and I made her easter basket. She's quite into crafts lately so I knew she would have fun. I cut the bottom off a milk jug, watered down some paint and cut up old tissue paper (Mady picked the colours), then we rubbed the glue onto the jug and slapped on the tissue (basically modpodged it). Then I punched a hole in the sides and tied a piece of ribbon through, which you totally don't see in the picture. There is also easter grass in the bottom, but the basket was kind of full. My mom sent down some treats for the kids too so they ended up with quite a bit of stuff.

I didn't make one for kate because she would eat it (that kid eats EVERYTHING). She was napping when it was time to pull out the easter baskets so I gave her her loot later. And totally forgot to take pictures (seriously, I'm not good at this. I need to glue my camera into my hand). She got clothes and books. Next year we'll let her have some candy. A little bit. What did YOU do for Easter?


  1. I love jello! How have I never heard of jello eggs? Next year!

  2. Sounds like y'all had a good Easter! She is just so cute.

    I will happily send you the 3D egg molds. If you can find some, let me know and I will pick them up for you.

  3. Love your Easter basket project. My husband surprised me this year with a basket - I was so excited!


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