Friday, April 29, 2011

An update on my 30 before 30 lis

It's been a few months so I figured I should give you an update on my 30 before 30 list. I have been working on things. Sadly, nothing is actually complete because I've started on all the things that have many parts to them. But I thought I'd at least tell you what I've been doing. The stuff in red is how far I've gotten.

1 Sew something I can actually wear 
2 finish all the Jane Austen books (0/8) (I've started a few times, need to finish!) - I'm working on Emma and actually getting stuff read. I had tried to start this one before, but I was pregnant/had a new born and my foggy brain couldn't keep the characters straight. I'm doing much better this time!
3 plant a vegetable garden that actually produces something (hopefully the squirrels and bunnies won't feast on it) - Just waiting for the snow to melt...
4 cook/bake through a cookbook (I'm doing the Company's Coming 30 minute Weekday Meals) (4/117) I actually think I've done more, but forgot to put them on my list so I'll have to flip through the book again to double check.
5 Go on an overnight trip without my kids 
6 Make a fondant-iced cake (I'm now giving myself the option of doing one covered in modelling chocolate because I found a recipe and it looks fabulous)
7 make something successful with a candy thermometer 
8 Learn Chopin's Minute Waltz on piano 
9 Finish the Wilton classes (1/4 done) 
10 eat something I've never tried before 
11 Go a week without going on-line (0/7) Mark doesn't think I can. He obviously hasn't seen my determination out full force. Ha! 
12 Make an entire meal using only food from the farmer's market 
13 Go tobogganing, you know, like in the cold 
14 Give blood (haven't been able to since my first donation because I keep having kids!) 
15 Go to a spa and have a facial 
16 Make ice cream 
17 Host a girls dessert night 
18 Go berry picking 
19 Make care packages for unsuspecting people 
20 Finish decorating 3 rooms in my house (help me! I'm decorating challenged) 
21 memorize 30 Bible verses 
22 Go door to door Christmas carolling (I need some friends to do this with, let me know if you want to!) 
23 Take my kids to the Stampede Parade (where does one purchase tickets? I don't want to drag preschoolers downtown at 6am) 
24 send homemade birthday cards to my family for a year (9/20) 
25 Go see live local music 
26 Eat dessert first 
27 Build a snowman, you know, outside, in the cold 
28 Make really awesome shoeboxes for Samaritan's Purse 
29 Do 30 random acts of kindness (big and small) and document them (0/30) 
30 Throw myself a hardcore 30th Birthday party!

Shoot, I thought I had done more. At least with summer coming it will be easier to do some of them. :) Thanks for keeping me accountable!


  1. You could do the girls night, make ice cream, and eat dessert first all in one :)
    nice job so far!

  2. nice list and how much longer do you have till you reach 30???

  3. I like your list. I have a bucket list too but I am way older than 30! HA! You are going to have so much fun doing some of them!

    I say pick #19 next.

  4. Girls dessert night sounds so much fun!


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