Monday, February 7, 2011

Dear America Part 2

Dear United States of America,

I would just like to thank you for responding to my plee with your recent decision to open up locations of Target in Canada. I hope you are able to work out that whole lawsuit thing about the name . Whatever you decide to do, please make sure the location near my house (there WILL be one near my house, right??) has an extra big "dollar spot." This seems to be a source of wonderful craft and party inspiration for my American friends and I would like to take part in the fun.

Further, if you would stock this Target with the following products, our friendship would be forever sealed.

-Nutter Butters (this one is becoming desperately important!)
-Candy Cane Hershey's Kisses (I have found a good alternative at Bulk Barn, but sadly they also refuse to open a location near me!)
-Milano Cookies
-Oreos with the coloured centres (<----that's how we spell Centers)
-Mini Nilla Wafers
-Actually mini of a lot of things. Assume if its mini and used for baking that we don't have it.
-Choco Tacos (I've never actually had these, but my favourite blogger talks about them ALL. THE. TIME. She's right about so many other things, so I can only assume these are good.)
-100,000 bars (again, never had them, but I have some cute ideas of what do to with them).
-All the different Girl Guide (Scout) cookies. We only get the sandwich "oreo" style ones, and sometimes the thin mints at Christmas.

I assume you're still working on store locations of the other establishments listed in my original letter and for that I thank you.

Also, I would offer to trade you Kinder Surprises, but I hear they get confiscated at the border, so you may have to settle for Bird's Custard Powder.


What products do you load up on when visiting other countries?


  1. Always get me smiling...

  2. Well, if Target doesn't pan out so well in the stock they carry, then I will try extra hard to get my passport and make some trips down to Havre for you (and me! :) )

  3. Oh, I could sure rhapsodize about my love for target! Each time I go, my wallet does a little song and dance and then magically empties itself at the register hahaha! I just ordered some girlscout cookies today, too!
    Glad to find your site :)
    I"m having a giveaway- come check it out!

  4. First, so glad you stopped by! Let me know if you find any cute ideas for your Milk and Cookies shower, mine is March 9th, so I'll be posting the week after that all the details!
    As for Target, I can't really wrap my mind around not having one! All those products are my staple! So far, things I can't do without....cadberry eggs, and they only sell them at Easter here, but they sell them as a bar called Twirls all year in England....I thought about applying for a Green Card and moving, I'm so jealous, but Targets in England either!

  5. Hi Melanna, So happy you stopped by Etcetorize! I'm hoping to do a few more bookmark projects so make sure to check back (and a great giveaway started today).

    Love your blog, so pretty...and funny. I don't know if I miss anything from the States but when I'm living outside of Canada I sure do miss KD, Old Dutch chips, and Philly Chip Dip~

  6. Ha! I hope that they see your letter and stock it just right. I have never had a Choco-Taco either. You are making me want to find one! I have had Nutter Butters and, I agree, those are a must for the Target shelves. (Thanks for linking up with us over at #findingthefunny this week!)


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