Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Fancy Nancy Soiree

This past weekend was exhausting. I had two huge choir concerts for which Mark's family was in town and so then I decided to throw Mady's party the same weekend so they could attend (they don't like to miss anything). It all went great, but I spent Monday putting my house mostly back together and yesterday just being tired and completely useless.

BUT, I knew I couldn't put off this party post any longer. You guys have been WAY too patient for all the details (and with me being pretty much absent)

This year we hosted a Fancy Nancy Soiree (that's a fancy word for party). Last summer I introduced Mady to Nancy and that was pretty much the end. The theme was decided. She just loves her. She has been asking about when her party is going to be since about Christmas time and counting down the months, weeks and days. Needless to say, she was very excited.

It wouldn't be a Fancy Nancy party without a fancy ensemble (that's a fancy word for outfit). I wasn't sure what to do, so when my sister suggested a pettiskirt I knew it was perfect. But then I'm cheap and there was no way I was paying the ridiculous prices for them. So I made them. And now I know why people charge ridiculous prices. And let me tell you, people, you're getting a steal of a deal! But I love them and they love them! I made the shirts (which are cupcakes if you can't tell) to match using leftovers from the skirts and other stuff from around my house.

Let's start with the invitations. I cut out little purses with my Silhouette, printed all the party info to put inside. Added a flower, ribbon for the handle and some velcro to keep it closed.

I know I could have gone crazy making them more fancy, but sometimes it's just better for me to stop. Apparently quite a few of the kids liked them as I had a few parents calling or emailing me for the party details because their child had wandered off with them! Ha!

Let's just take a quick peek at the decor and then I'll show you the actual party and what we did.
Clockwise: Framed print on mantle, French Happy Birthday Banner, Door Sign, La Chic Boutique sign
 I missed taking a picture of the big pink poms and ruffled streamers between my living room and upstairs (it's a sunken living room), but you can imagine they were there.
Clockwise: Tea Party Set up, King's Crown Sign, Place settings, Food labels, Tea cups with Pinkies up and Mustache Staws

When the kids arrived we played Mady's Fancy Nancy Parfait game until all the kids arrived. I didn't get pictures of this as I was still completing a few last minute food things. But it's a great little game that Mady loves and doesn't torment me as a parent to play so I highly recommend it.

Next we read Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy. I chose this book in particular because it's probably Mady's favourite and it introduces Mrs. Devine.

 I have a fabulous friend, Eve, who agreed to come and play the part of Mrs. Devine (Fancy Nancy's neighbour who taught her all about being fancy) and she was perfect! Mady was completely star struck. It made me giggle! It was even better because Mady has never met Eve so she didn't recognize her as my friend at all.

So then Mrs. Devine suggested the kids all get fancy for a fashion show. I had set up the "La Chic Boutique" with all sorts of dress up supplies. For the boys I had some less girly sunglasses, top hats, ties and moustashes. I even found some less feminine rings. For the girls there were necklaces, boas, rings, coloured "hair extension" clips (which Stanley was a huge fan of), and sunglasses.

Then Mrs. Devine showed them all how to walk with a banana on their head (Nancy does this with her sister in one of the books) and for those willing to participate we did a little fashion show.
I had a frame that I painted pink for some extra pictures. I somehow did not get everyone, so if you were at the party and got pictures, you may have kids I missed.

Last we played Mrs. Devine May I. Which most of the kids didn't get. Probably should have gone with Simon says vs. Mother May I. :)

Then we went up to the table for a tea party.

We had peanut butter and jam or honey sandwiches cut into the shape of crowns (my mother in law made them all for me and was so kind as to follow my crazy instructions for how to cut them).


My sister in law put together fruit kabobs for me, and we had "tea" in their cups, which was really just raspberry lemonade. And, of course, Mrs Devine showed them how to drink with their pinkies up.

After they finished eating we took them outside for the pinata. This was pretty much the only request from Mady for her party. I had a bit of trouble coming up with an idea for how to make a pinata fancy. Then I remembered seeing one somewhere in blogland that was covered in tissue paper roses. So that's what I did. 250 roses later we had a fancy pinata. One that was apparently not made thin enough for dainty 3 and 4-year-olds to break.
Good thing we had a Dad close by to help! Once it was broken they discovered candy necklaces, ring pops and some pink jelly beans inside (and I put them all in bags before so that it was fair. Maybe that's a kill joy, but I figured at this age all the kids probably don't really understand the candy scramble so if I didn't there was going to be tears).

Then they came inside and decorated some boxes with stickers and such. I tried to gather the nerve to bring in paint, but decided I couldn't quite get to that point of mess. Maybe when she's five... The plan was that they would be jewelry boxes, but since we had boys I didn't call them that. They put various treasures in from the boutique.

Then we had cake, cookies and parfaits.

And lastly we opened presents.

At the end of the party, each child got to pick a Fancy Nancy book to take home as well as keep the butterfly place mat that I made them from the table setting (you can find the tutorial here).

My kids are blessed with such wonderful friends! Thanks everyone for coming and making Mady's fourth birthday so special.

(and thanks Katie for the pictures I stole off of your facebook page of all the things I missed...)

And there you have it! And now I have less than 6 weeks to get the next party together. :)

Ps - I collected ideas from all over the internet for this party. Know that some really fabulous people helped to inspire this party and I couldn't have done it without their ideas.
Here are the ones I could find the inspiration websites for. If I missed something you know is your work or idea, please let me know and I'll add you to the credits.
  • For the Pettiskirts I followed this fabulous pettiskirt tutorial. One of these days I'll explain how I did it because I made it more work than necessary and sometimes that comical.
  • The t-shirts were inspired by the shirts found in this etsy shop. I'm cheap and was running out of shipping time and since I had everything on hand to make them, I did. But if you're lazy, or not crafty you should buy them from her. And she has TONS of chiffon, at great prices, which I found AFTER I purchased all my non non-fraying kind. Which made my skirt making a pain...
  • The fancy pinata was inspired by the pinata in this post. Her's was much prettier. But like I always say, my versions are always slightly dorkier/wonkier/floppier.
  • Um this cake is amazing. And I couldn't quit thinking about it. So this is the cake that I modeled mine after. Minus the crown because I got all creative with modelling chocolate, which then fell apart.  -
  • Invitation Wording – I pieced together from various invitations I found online and now I can't find any of the sources. Sorry. If you recognize your creativity, please send me an email and I'll give you credit!
  •  Same with the party signage.


  1. This party looked incredible; kudos to you!

  2. The parents of Mady's friends who have birthdays early in the year must be relieved ~ the standards you set for parties is scary!!!! In a COMPLETELY good way, by the way!!!! Love and Hugs Patricia

  3. Wow! This is so cute. You had picture perfect birthday party. Thanks a ton for sharing photographs dear. On my son’s birthday I would love to host a grand party at one of most beautiful San Francisco venues. Eagerly waiting for his birthday!


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