Monday, April 18, 2011

Kaitlyn's 9 month pictures

Here we are already 3/4's of Kate's first year of life. You KNOW I'm already planning that party. :)

I feel like this month Kate discovered a whole new set of abilities. She has always been interested in the world around her, and is quite fine to just sit and take it all in. This month that became no longer good enough. She's been trying (and has yet to succeed) in climbing the stairs. If she gets left in the (sunken) living room then she tries to come where we are, which usually results in her sitting at the bottom of the stairs squawking at us until we come get her. With her new ability to stand at the couch I'm sure stairs will not take her long to master.

Plugs, power cords, heat grates, the grate on the bottom of the fridge and blinds are some of her favourite off-limits items to grab whenever given the chance. She can entertain herself playing on the floor, but would much prefer to be sitting in someone's (anyone's) lap. The other day I found her in the play kitchen putting things in and out of the play fridge.

As mentioned on the sign in the pictures, she hates socks. She will pull them off as quick as I can get them on her feet. I think she's going to be a warm-weather loving gal hanging out in flip flops whenever possible.

She's becoming quite the little eater. Some newer foods she loves are: baby corn, broccoli, bread, fishy crackers, chicken, blueberries, peas, beans, yogurt and puffed wheat. Cheerios still are high on the list, but since Mady tends to like to share the fish crackers those have become a quick favourite.

Mady found her snack cup in the diaper bag and promptly took it to Kate to share
Kate took it and kept it, spreading fish crackers all over my living room
Both girls stuffed their cheeks fast when they saw me because they knew the fun wouldn't last long!
Kaitlyn can drink from a sippy cup, but I started her with the soft tip ones. This means she can make quite the mess (good thing its just water) because they only use pressure to close, so we're thinking of graduating to the firmer tip. It's weird to do these things so young as Mady was barely able to manoeuvre the soft tip cups when she was a year and I don't think she figured out the firmer tips until closer to 15 months. I guess it's that younger child determination thing. And maybe I'm more willing to try things a little earlier. Ha!

I feel like these last two (and some above) make up for the first few (many) solemn months that we had to endure. She really does have the best smile when she decides to pull it out!

Mom, this one reminds me of one of the ones you have of me from my Canadian Baby Photographers session.


  1. Cute cute cute! I love the one where she's sort of "curious" about the sign haha!

  2. Yes, Mel you had the "readiest" smile of anyone!


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