Friday, January 28, 2011

My only Pet is a Peeve

Sometimes I wonder how I make it through the day. I have a LOT of pet peeves. They range from everything from driving (People who park in such a way that they take up more than one space, people driving 20 under the speed limit, those who can't seem to follow basic rules such as merging) to little things around the house (empty containers put back on the shelf) to how people communicate (saying words incorrectly like "Libary" instead of "library" or "fustrated" instead of "frustrated").

But then I realized that most of my pet peeves fall into a couple of general categories.

-I get annoyed at things that are rude and inconsiderate (bad drivers, people who don't RSVP)

-And I get annoyed at ignorant speech (bad spelling, grammar, overuse of punctuation, text-speak). And I think these ones drive me most crazy because it communicates that a person is less intelligent and most people who do these aren't, but they sound like it. Do people not realize how much we are judged on this stuff??

So really, if everyone just follows miss manners and thinks about how their actions affect the other person there would be less pet peeves happening (or at least mine!). And of course, if everyone learns how to communicate. I read a survey the other day that asked what most people listed as their favourite subject in school. By FAR English won out. So why can't anyone speak it??

Perhaps this is all judgemental of me. No, not perhaps, it is. But this is my blog and I'm talking pet peeves, so I'm allowed.

What are YOUR pet peeves?


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