Friday, January 14, 2011

A question I've wondered

I hope I don't make anyone mad with this post. This is something I actually wonder...

Okay, so I think I've mentioned that I'm slightly blog-addicted. My google reader is slightly ridiculously full. Some of my favourite blogs are mom blogs, just documenting what they're up to with their kids. I like to read what other moms do and get ideas, encouragement, entertainment etc. from them.

Here are a few of my favourites (in case you like mom blogs too):

Little Pumpkin Grace. Jessica has the cutest kids, who wear the sweetest clothes and I love her parties/gifts/treats and decor style. I wish she lived closer so we could be friends. Also, Grace goes to the best preschool ever!

Him and Her plus 4. Okay, Ashley has triplets (and a super sweet big sister to the trio) and never seems frazzled. Such a positive outlook on life. Did I mention the triplets? Ha, there is a reason God didn't give me multiples!

Just Because I am Me. Shaina is a mom to 5 great kids. Her youngest, Kimble, was born with both a cleft palette and a heart defect. They have spent way too much time in hospital this past year. I love how she documents the little every day type things.

From Passys to Parties. I found Katie's blog because of a party she did (wait, 3 out of 4 of these were found this way!). She's a mom to the CUTEST little boy and plans parties on the side. Love her creativity.

okay, so now that I've given you a mini blog-roll tour, what is my question?

So you know how people with pets refer to them as their fur-kids? And they talk about them like they're part of the family? Well I'm wondering, as a non-pet person (I had a dog growing up, but he was never a fur-kid), are there fur-mom blogs? If so, why have I never stumbled across them and if not, doesn't that kind of say something about animals being considered equal to kids? As in they're not? And no one wants to read about them and that's why there isn't an underground fur-mom community?

Someone tell me, is there a network of fur-mom's I just don't know about? Or do they not exists for a reason? I'm just wondering....


  1. Not sure that you would call them fur-mom's, but I know that there is a website that Auntie Cynthia has her dogs on, that's kind of (Or at least the way she has it) a blog from the dog's perspective. Sort of half-blog-half-myspace in my opinion. I believe it's called Dogster. I haven't checked out the site as a whole, so I'm not sure what all else is on there.

  2. but are there a whole bunch of fur-mom's making blogs on their pets and they all follow each other like Mom-blogs do??

  3. That's what Dogster is all about....


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