Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kaitlyn's 6 month pictures

This photo shoot proved to be harder if for no other reason than this little girl just wants to play! Haha, I have no idea how I'll get her to sit next to Monkey next month!

This month I feel like my baby has all of a sudden given up so much of the infant boring stuff. Mady has also decided she is fun and has started to spend a lot of time playing with her (piling toys on her or at least entertaining her). She also bosses her around. When Kate is crying we often hear, "You're fine, Kaitlyn." Yesterday Mady was trying to get Kate to jump with her. Sadly it won't be long!

Kaitlyn finally figured out how to roll onto her tummy. And with this discovery she also figured out that she can use her two rolling techniques to get places. She has great fun figuring out how to reach toys that are a little out of reach.

This month Kaitlyn also sprouted her first tooth. She hardly made a fuss about it (at least after the 6 months of screaming we endured with Mady)! I was quite proud of her. Hopefully the rest all come in just as easily.

We started on solid foods as well. I'm hoping that this will help her sleep a little longer at night. Though we're trying to wean her off of middle of the night feeds and she is starting to do much better with the whole process and not wake up as often for no good reason.

While taking the pictures I was calling her name to get her attention and she would turn every time I said, "Kaitlyn." So then I wondered if she was responding to her name or to my voice. I tried calling her using other words and she didn't pay attention, so I think she is actually responding to her name. I'm going to test this theory over the next couple of days.

It's so hard to believe that she's already half a year old! Time goes by so much faster when you have two kids!

Today is a special day for a special person and so Kate has a little message:

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  1. She really is growing up fast *sniff*. She got the same first tooth as A. How did she take to the solid foods?


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