Monday, January 24, 2011

Wreaths for the Girls' Room

Back in the fall my sister made a fabulous wreath for her daughters room. It was one of those projects that made me whine, "I want one!" Except I wanted two. (Jen, I don't have the link, so if you do, can you put it in the comments??)

I bought the supplies and even got one half finished, but then Christmas happened and I got a little busy with other projects and never finished the wreaths.

Then this week I was walking through Michaels and saw cute Monogram hangers that would be perfect for hanging these wreaths and they had the initials for both my girls. I pretty much took that as a sign that I had to have them. And I love them.

That was enough to kick me in the pants encourage me to finish.

Their room is light green on the walls and my plan is to decorate with white furniture (that means some paint will be coming out soon. Ha!) and pink (for Mady) and purple (for Kate) accents. I don't want them to be stuck to "their" colour, but for the most part they will each have their colour with little bits of the other one.

So, Mady's wreath has more pink in it and her framed birth info is done in pinks. Kaitlyn's wreath has more purple and her framed birth info is done in purples.

Oh ya, in the frames under the wreaths is all their birth info. I didn't want to forget it. Which I didn't think was possible, except it is. I almost printed both of them with a detail wrong. Thank goodness for baby books.

These are hung on either side of the window. I didn't take a picture where you can see both because their room gets amazing amounts of light and I'm not that at all talented with a camera. In fact I couldn't get a good one of Mady's without flash. Sorry.

Here they are!

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  1. They look great. I'm envious of those initial hangers. I got the inspiration for my wreath from here:

  2. do you want me to see if they have A's or J's or both for you??

  3. super cute! i have so much tulle, i should make one for Alexis!

  4. They're super easy too! I think both took less than 20 minutes to make.


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