Thursday, February 3, 2011

Baby Shower Card

Aak! My camera is taking pictures that won't load onto my computer. Very frustrating! I have some super cute snowman party things to show you, if I can get them off my camera. Anyone want to give me a new camera? Hey, it doesn't hurt to ask...

So this past weekend I attended a baby shower for my cousin-nephew. Okay really he'd be my first-cousin-through-marriage once removed, but he feels more like a nephew so cousin-nephew it is!*

Out of the 4 cousins, three have kids (two each). There are 5 girls and now finally a BOY! I think this little man may get spoiled. Or he'll be stuck playing dolls and "shopping." Hehe!

Well, this shower was a great opportunity to use my Silhouette. And of course I'm always looking for excuses to use it! I've made lots of cards before. This was the first one I've made without a single stamp. I love boats for little boys!

I did a punch out of the same boat that's on the front, but smaller, on the inside. I LOVE that you get to resize to your hearts desire with this thing!

There will be plenty more cards showcased as I still have all of this year's birthday cards to show you. Have I mentioned this machine is addicting??

*for those of you who don't understand family tree lingo he's my husband's cousin's son.

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  1. That is soooo cute!! I can see why you were so anxious to get it!!


  2. Thanks! You really need to come and play with it as there is SO much that it can do. And I keep figuring out MORE things. Hehe. They just came out with a way for it to cut fabric. Oh the possibilities...

  3. Very cute baby card! Handmade cards are always so much sweeter than store bought! :)

  4. That is soo cute! I have a silhouette too and {LOVE} it!

  5. Saw you on MTWC, then you commented on my Sock Exchange. Thanks! I am now your newest follower!

  6. This just makes me want a Silhouette even more! Lovely card!

  7. makes me want a Silhouette too, but it ard to order them in canada since the cute and that... how did you order yours. the card is to die for.... so little boy cute. i love it.

  8. My husband gave it to me, but he got it off of Depending where you are in Canada there are retailers. Check the silhouette site for listings. But with the canadian dollar its usually cheaper right now to get it shipped from the states.


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