Thursday, January 13, 2011

Starting Solid Food

As I shared yesterday, we started Kaitlyn on solid foods. I hoped and prayed that this would be a vastly different experience from what we had with Mady. As I've mentioned before Mady was a premie, and as a result had an aversion to ANYTHING going into her mouth until she was about 11 months old. And that's how long it took to get her to eat. Every day (if I even bothered trying) was a struggle.

So lets go back in time with some photo memories, shall we??

Mady inspecting the goods with a disdainful eye:
not at all impressed
oh the drama!

So now we fast-forward to yesterday when I made up some rice cereal for Kate:

First bite:

Hmm, that's pretty good!

Still having excessive drool problems, but all the more fun for blowing bubbles!

This may be her favourite activity!
Okay, so of the 5 spoonfuls I gave her I'm sure only about half went down, but she didn't make a yucky face once. She was quite interested in the whole thing. I think we have an easy eater on our hands! Yeah!

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  1. Lucky you! Glad things are going well with it.


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