Sunday, January 2, 2011

Blogging For Dummies (as in Me)

I've had my blog for about 6 months and I still feel pretty new at the whole blogging thing. Going through my Google Reader I've realized that many of the blogs that I follow are just a few months older than mine, but some how they have all sorts of things figured out, like buttons, and fonts and sizes and such. I've kind of felt that Blogger doesn't really TEACH you things. I've fiddled around and figured out some things (and some of which I was super proud of myself. Small things amuse me.), but there was still a lot that I was confused about.

I'm not a resolution maker, but I have decided that this is the year I'm going to teach myself stuff, and I'm starting with my blog.

Well yesterday I stumbled across a fabulous blog post that answers all those pesky little questions.

Or at least a bunch of them.

I'm still trying to figure out buttons. So if you know, please share!

And guess what? While reading her post, she mentioned something about the "compose" tab in blogger. At which point I realized I had NOT been using to write my posts, but instead was writing in the "edit Html" tab and toggling between that and the "preview" to check it. Yup, that's a lot of work. And even more work if you have no idea anything about html. So this is my first post writing in "Compose" and MAN this is way easier. Too bad it took me 6 months and way too much time to figure out.

So, I know there are lurkers out there who read and never comment, but today I'm begging you, help a gal out and share anything helpful to this newbie blogger (and maybe some of my other newbie blogger friends). If there are things I'm obviously not doing, assume its because I don't know how and please give me a little tutorial in the comments.

I'm not even joking.


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