Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Apple Cider Caramels

So you know how some things are so good looking you just have to make them RIGHT. THIS. INSTANT??

Well, that's kind of how I felt about these caramels that I found on Pinterest.

Except I didn't own a candy thermometer.

And I couldn't run out that day and get one because it was on my Christmas list and I hate people who put things on their Christmas list and then buy it for themselves. Thank goodness my mother-in-law got me one for Christmas. AND we had Christmas with that side of the family early so I could make these in time for Christmas (not like I couldn't make them after. And don't take THAT to mean I'm not going to make a 3rd or 4th batch -because that will be the batch number by then- after Christmas). It's more just about the joy that I can make them sooner rather than later.

So yesterday I opened up my fridge and saw a jug of apple cider. AND a jug of whipping cream. And I actually had corn syrup in my cupboard. I had a free afternoon and my candy thermometer. Which meant I was set to make these. So I did.

This is her picture. Mine are still cooling in the pan as I write this. And it's dark here. Her picture does them justice much more than my flash-induced, still-in-the-pan, not-so-creative-that-I-would-pose-it-with-cinnamon picture would ever give you.
Goodness Gracious me.

Please go make these right now. The recipe is here.

The only tip I have for you is when you reduce the apple cider, don't just set the timer for 20 minutes and walk away. I tested mine (poured it into a measuring cup) at 12 minutes in and was at 1/2 cup. Put it back in the pot and 2-3 minutes later was at just under 1/4 cup (it had gone almost syrupy). I cheated and poured in some more cider to make 1/3 and stirred it around. Seemed to work well enough.

oh hey, and guess what? I successfully made something with a candy thermometer. Check another thing off the list!

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  1. I am so glad that you posted this because I have really wanted to make these!!


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