Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Haircuts for the Girls

Since Mady's disaster with scissors and her hair that I told you about yesterday I discovered that one of the locks was actually from Katie's head. Nothing like getting your first haircut from your sister!

I decided to take the girls in for haircuts to blend some things and even the rest.

We're going to visit the grandparents this weekend and I figured there would probably be a lot of pictures of them taken, so I could at least spare them SOME embarrassment later in life when Mady wonders why she had such terrible hair as a preschooler. See honey? Someday when you think I'm a mean mom you can know that sometimes I really was thinking of your feeling in the future!

This was Kaitlyn's first hair cut. I've been meaning to do it for a solid 6 months, but being that it's her first cut, that meant there needed to be pictures taken and that would mean I would need Mark available. And really, by the time he gets home she's not exactly cooperative. So, since Mady was getting hers cut, and we were already there I got Katie's done too.

Here she is before:

She sat SO still. She liked to "drive" the car. And they had some Disney channel that we don't get on the TV's so both the girls were quite enthralled with these shows they never get.

And after:

(it may not look too different, and it's not. It's just more even and less ratty)
She got a pretty butterfly clip and sparkle spray. And then sat in the chair while Mady got hers cut beside. And then didn't want to leave. Probably because of the TV. At least I know hair cuts with her won't be a fight!

(Here's a close up - sparkles look weird on camera- you can see where Mady cut. Thankfully not too easily)
For Mady's she decided to work with the NICU layers that were still sort of happening in the back.
(Mady before. Not quite sure, but liking whatever was on TV!)

She took a bit off the bottom and then just evened out the layers. It helped to blend in the side. She angled both sides a little too so that seemed to help.
(almost done)
(nicely blended in "chop")
 She also got a clip and sparkle spray.

Mady told me yesterday that she's not going to cut hair anymore. Just paper. Whew! Here's hoping her sister will skip this milestone!


  1. Ahhh so much better. Lol. Kids you never a dull moment

  2. What an adventure, Melanna. I did that as a kid, though I took a razor comb and started "combing" my hair, not realizing that the hair piling up on my shoulders wasn't the "big lady curls" I envisioned them being. Oops. Looks like you went to Melonhead - they're SO good with the kids there, hey?


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