Monday, February 6, 2012

Interactive Car Shirt Baby Shower Gift

 Oh my goodness! I deleted this post by accident! This is the re-creation as best as I can remember (ha! and it's probably less wordy...)

This past weekend I was invited to a baby shower for my first college room mate. Baby isn't here yet, but he will be soon!

Of course I was trying to think of a gift and of course, I have rules for such things. I think baby shower gifts should be practical, fun, useful and even better if it's all of the above! And since she was a good friend, I wanted it to be somewhat personal as well.

When I had Mady I received gifts in all sizes from Premie up to 3T! It was fantastic to have a stash of those bigger clothes because by the time your kid reaches those ages, very few people are buying them clothes. And every parent knows it can get quite expensive to fund your child's entire wardrobe every time there is a size change. So, I always try to give baby shower clothes gifts in sizes bigger than 18 months.

I have had this idea for a gift on my gift idea list for quite a long time and I knew that this would be the perfect time to pull it out. An interactive race car shirt!

I got the idea from here (thanks Mandy!). I altered it a little because I wanted the road to be accessible to little hands the whole time so I kept the road in the front. I also didn't sew on pockets since my shirt came with one.

I made the Vroom word on my silhouette and cut it out by hand (I was afraid the felt would dull the blade).  And then added a race car to the pocket.

Then I threw in a pair of Jeans, a sippy cup and a sippy cup leash (honestly the best thing I've ever made for my girls, I'll share with you how I did it in tomorrow's post. It's seriously SO easy).

I wrapped everything up in a bit of a race car theme and made a matching card on my silhouette.

I love you, Christa and can't wait for baby L to get here. You're going to be such a great Mommy!

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  1. What an adorable idea!!! I LOVE IT!! *gasp*

  2. I love it!
    You should join me for handmade 52

  3. My favorite part is the vroom!! Any boy would love this shirt! Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!


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