Wednesday, February 15, 2012

More Valentine Fun

I've never given my kids valentines gifts before (Really I don't think the under 3 set comprehends the holiday), but I figured this year Mady might understand it a bit more. And of course, whatever Mady is doing Katie wants to be part of it.

After our valentines breakfast I let the girls open their gifts.
"ooh look, mom, treats!"

 I finally convinced them to open the gifts.
"Fancy Nancy!"

Katie got a valentine I Spy book
"Now can we eat the candy?"
Katie's attempt at how many hugs she can fit in her mouth

 Later in the morning we made a valentine for Daddy.

Kate covered hers with puppy stickers. Of course.

 And I didn't forget about my promise to show you my valentines decor crafts. Here are my versions:

 Hope you had a very happy valentines day!


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