Friday, February 10, 2012

Katie's Words

I took these pictures while reading the manual and testing different functions on my camera. They're terrible because I wasn't really trying for good pictures, more just trying to see if I was understanding the explanations. Except that they capture her expressions so perfectly. This is totally my Katie-Mae!

I spent much of the fall lamenting Kate's stubbornness when it came to talking. She knew what she wanted, even learned the words, and then REFUSED to say them. It was so frustrating because she just didn't want to communicate. Whining was easier.

Then in December, her vocabulary exploded! I don't know if that was because she was around her cousins so much and they inspired her, or if she just got frustrated with not getting what she wanted, but in any case she went from saying less than 10 words on a regular basis to over 40 in just a few weeks. And now she tries to say almost any object you ask her to say.

One day in January I sat down and made a list of all the words she says. Here it is with her pronunciations beside.

Puppy (She's obsessed. It's her number 1 said word!)
No (followed closely by this one)
Lunch (unch)
Snack (nack)
Sock (ock)
Josiah (eye-uh)
Adalya (ah-yuh. Which makes it hard to tell from Josiah)
Bear (beh-uh)
Please (pease)
Thank-You (Ank-ooo)
Down (dow)
Done (done-done)
Water (aw-er)
Mady (Maa-ee)
Nose (No)
Mouth (mouf)
Teeth (eee)
Cheek (eee) (yup, you can only tell what she's talking about by what she points too)
Snow (no - this is now the 3rd word pronounced this way...)
Nice (which is how she refers to her toes thanks to nail polish. And if you ask her to say toes, she will say Nice)
Giraffe (raf)
Ewww (usually referring to the drool she purposely puts on my shoulder when she's cuddling. She thinks it's SO funny)
You (ooo)
Grandpa (Bapa)
Grandma (Bama)
Auntie (Nn-tee)

There have been more since I wrote these down, but we'll save that list for another day. Mady thought I should write down all HER words, but that would basically just be a dictionary, so I'll save you the boredom.


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