Monday, February 20, 2012

The beginning of spring/summer sewing - Patch Twirly Skirt

Last week I went through Mady's clothes and realized that she is in a serious need of some new ones. I think she sprouted a few inches in the last month. Sadly we're in that awkward stage in the weather where it's still winter, but some days feel like spring. Which kind of means you need two wardrobes. For the next 3 months.
(My family will recognize smile. It must be genetic. I went through the same tight-upper-lip-curled-under-smile stage! So awkward!)

I decided to start on some sewing and making some things that she could wear with a t-shirt and tights in the spring and then without the added layers in the summer.

I started looking around online for ideas. And somewhere in there I got a hair-brained idea to make my own pattern. But you know how you're supposed to measure twice, cut once? Well, I decided to measure, guess, cut and whoops I ended up with a dress that didn't flare enough causing Mady to not be able to walk. Thankfully I figured this out at the pinning stage before I sewed any of it.

(Her silly faces)
So now I was left with scraps of fabric that I didn't want to waste. Back to Google I went. I found a tutorial for this little skirt, which is actually quite easy if you have a serger. If you don't, it's just a lot of seams if you finish all the edges.

I went and found some coordinating fabric and put it together and now I'm in love! Mady likes it too!

(More "model" silly faces. This one is almost Blue Steel...I promise she's never seen that movie)
Since it was a lot of work with all the seams, I don't think I'll be making her a bunch of skirts in this pattern (well maybe if I end up with a ton of scraps from future pattern fails!).

If you're looking for  a cute project that's pretty quick, check it out here.

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