Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Glee Pet Peeves

Alright, I'll admit it, I'm a sucker for this show. Basically because they sing all my favourite songs IN A TV SHOW! I love, Love, LOVE musicals and now I can indulge in one every week.

Sadly as the trade-off I have to deal with some weak (and sometimes controversial) plot lines or awkward transitions to get into a song, but I'll suffer for the cause.

But this week's Michael Jackson episode (Love me some MJ music...) pushed me over the edge because the musicians on this show only sometimes act like real musicians.

For instance:
-How is it that these low-life-at-the-school kids have connections to every single combo of musicians you can think of? And they have (and know) students who play all those instruments that well? And if their orchestral program is that good, football and cheerleading wouldn't lead that school. Just sayin'. And all these players can always come play when needed. If only it was that easy!

-The guitar players don't noodle. Everyone knows that is not reality.

-How come you never see kids in the hallways lugging their cello cases everywhere?

-The glee kids don't talk during song intros played by the musicians (I know it's supposed to be that way in real life- the no talking - but that's NOT reality!)

But the orchestra...They're just like in real life (except the part where they have all the instrumentalists they need at the drop of a hat). Even when they were obviously asked by Finn to come meet in the music room so they could accompany Finn and Rachel while they profess their undying love in a song, they sat deathly quiet. At the end they didn't even interrupt the romantic moment before them with clapping for a good performance (more by Rachel than Finn), something I would not be able to hold back from... That's SO like the orchestra's I know! They're all so well behaved. I'm one of the choir talkers. Sorry guys!

Does this all bother anyone else??? Am I just the biggest music nerd to notice?


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