Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day

I'm not one for pointless holidays except when I get to have some fun with my kids.

"Look at all the hearts, Mom! It's like a party!"

That's my girl!

For breakfast this morning I served it heart style. Toast with Jam-heart centres and their latest honeynut cheerios obsession served in a heart-shaped cupcake pan.

I had found the heart straws last year on clearance so they got those too. I'm sure it will be insisted upon that they use them all day. I was going to give them pink milk, but they wanted water. Yeesh!

Yesterday a package arrived from Grandma with a card and gift for each girl.


Katie loved her Puppy card. I didn't even get to read it for about 4 hours (no joke). She just kept squealing "puppy!"

 She hasn't quite got the hang of the book, but it's really cool in that you read it one way, then slide the pages through the spine and then you can read a different book. Someone was thinking!

Mady is obsessed with puzzles so she was quite excited to open this one up and immediately went to work putting it together.
"A puzzle!!"

Kate tried to help, which of course led to some squabbles until we got Mady set up at the table and Katie distracted by something else.

Thanks Grandma for the fun gifts!

They're eating their breakfast as I write this, but more valentines fun is to come through out the day. Can't wait!

Hope you get to spend today with someone you love!

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  1. Happy valentine's day! I love the heart shaped breakfast you made!


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