Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy Birthday To ME!

Today is my birthday. I LOVE birthdays. I think you've figured that out.

However, I'm also one of those people who hates having to tell people it's my birthday on my birthday. I hate making phone calls on my birthday simply because then people will say something like, "So, what are you doing today?" and then you have to say something like, "Well, it's my birthday so I'm going out for dinner" and then it seems like you're fishing for birthday wishes, when really, you were just calling them because you had to ask them a question or something.

It's all pretty awkward.

I'd rather there just be a way for people to know it's your birthday (thank you Facebook notifications!).

So I've decided this year to just be okay with telling people it's my birthday. And not be awkward.

So hey, it's my birthday, you should wish my happy birthday. K? Thanks.

And send me cake. I like cake and Mark isn't really into making cakes. I WILL be making my own (because I'd rather make my own cake to eat than not have cake to eat).

In honour of my birthday I came up with 28 things all about myself. Wow that's totally self-centred, but I can get away with this because it's my birthday. Why 28 things? Because that's how old I'm turning. But funny story, about 6 or 7 months ago, I TOTALLY thought I had already turned 28 and then I realized I was only 27. I almost made myself older. So glad I caught that.

1. I'm too lazy to dye my hair so I don't
2. In less than 5 years I will probably feel the need to because the 2 grey hairs I've had since I was 16 are starting to invite friends over. I'm okay with being grey-haired, I just hate the in-between stage. I prefer all or nothing.
3. I don't really have a favourite colour – I like red, brown, yellow, grey, pink, purple it really depends on my mood.
4. I love cheese and when I see what a serving size is considered to be I gafaw. I realized how much we eat cheese when Mady couldn't have milk for a year and all my typical recipes seemed to have it included.
5. I don't like pets. I don't mind if others have them. I just have no desire for any of my own nor do I want to touch yours.
6. I love, Love, LOVE shopping. I love it even more if its by myself. I love it the best if I get to go with my sister (and even MORE if that's without our kids)
7. I put my pants on left leg first, but my shoes on right foot first. Usually.
8. I love the smell of skunk, yes, really. Though I've never been sprayed so maybe I wouldn't like it then?
9. My favourite little town in the world is Goslar Germany, I don't know why, but I fell in love the moment I set foot in it and it has never left me.
10. I love that crunchy/gooey chocolate layer in DQ ice cream cakes. I could skip the entire rest of the cake if you just gave me that.
11. I've never timed it, so I don't know how many WPM I type, but it's ridiculously fast.
12. I can't play Tetris because it bores me. As a child I played it on our computer until I had all the high scores and could rarely get on the score board myself anymore. Now there is not enough competition to play.
13. Oh ya, I'm fiercely competitive.
14. I can (and do) eat any home made baked goods. I don't turn them down. As long as they're made well and don't have gross ingredients. You'll know if they're good because I'll eat them over a real meal. Ha!
15. I wish I had someone to tell me what to wear every day that made me look fabulous. It would just be easier.
16. I like starting projects. I like the satisfaction of finishing (so I can cross them off my list), but I usually get bored between the starting and the finishing.
17. I LOVE lists. I made a to do list every day
18. People tell me I'm organized and perhaps I am, but I don't feel it.
19. I have a stupidly good memory. Sadly, it mostly remembers details that are not important. I'm hoping that this will win me a million dollars someday. In the meantime, it just wins me a lot of arguments.
20. On the one year anniversary of me starting my google reader account I had 338 subscriptions. I don't keep ones that bore me, that truncate their posts or never posts pictures so I've probably subscribed (and unsubscribed) to hundreds of others in that time. I'm totally addicted to blogs.
21. Pet peeve (besides this whole list): Adding unnecessary S's to words such as Safeways and Legos (which I think is an American thing. It's not called Legos-land, people!)
22. I hate forwards. Yup, all of them. Even the ones that I would probably enjoy if I actually read them. The fact that it's forwarded means I automatically hate it. Even if you take out the “forward” in the subject. BUT, if someone sees something on a blog or whatever and sends me the link, I tend to hate it less. I just don't think "funny" things are all that hilarious.
23. I think I speak for Altos everywhere when I say its super frustrating when a song finally has a solo written in our part range and then its given to a soprano. This happens all. the. time. Directors, please take note.
24. I'm seriously addicted to Pinterest
25. I have a ridiculously over-eager need to follow the rules. I follow rules just because they are the rules, even for things that really wouldn't matter in life. It took me a really long time to eat an oreo without opening it first because someone once told me that that's the way you're “supposed” to eat it. Ya, stupidly ridiculous need to follow the rules...
26. I read or watch things and think they are SO funny and not laugh. I typically only actually laugh if it's live. So if it's not live and I laugh then you know it's really funny!
27. Oh, another pet peeve. When people say LOL (or type it) when they aren't ACTUALLY laughing. Obviously they have missed what it MEANS. (but really, why do people SAY lol? That's ridiculous to tell someone something that, if they can hear you, they could tell you either are or aren't doing)
28. So have you ever picked up the phone and called someone and then as you did glanced at the clock and then realize that it's now an exact o'clock? I hate that because it looks like I was waiting for that exact time to call. Totally neurotic. I know. But it bothers me. If it happens before the numbers goes through, I'll hang up and wait a couple minutes which then means I'm doing what I was trying to avoid looking like I was doing.

And ps - I had to schedule this post in advance so that I didn't feel like I was telling people it was my birthday ON my birthday, because as much as I'm trying to embrace the not-awkward thing. It still totally is.


  1. Yes, crazy you! But we love you all the more for it!

  2. Oh, and btw, how many word per minute do you SPEAK??

  3. I'm a fan of the rule following one! I'm very much the same!

  4. First of all - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MELANNA!! I'm glad you are getting over the awkwardness of saying it's your birthday. I always feel awkward when it is someone's birthday and they haven't told me - - so, don't ever hide it!
    2. invite friends over - ha, cute
    4. gafaw - ha!
    5. Lily is my daughter - like my first born. What if I didn't want to touch your baby? Maybe you'd be ok with that.

    6.Thank goodness I have this essential information about you!

    8. You like skunk?? yes, you've never been sprayed. Lily & I were sprayed in '09 and it is 1,000 x worse than the scent you pick up from afar. NASTY!

    21. So it would probably drive you nuts when our pastor says,
    ' In Jesus's name, rather than in Jesus' name...

    26. Why no laughing? What is it with Albertans? Is there an unspoken rule that people can't laugh out loud?

    27. "LOL" annoys me too. Just say HA! - much more effective and to the point. I used to think that LOL meant lots of laughs. ha

    Love ya, babe!

  5. For 6), it was supposed to be for 7) (the shoe thing), not 6. oops

  6. I so do the o clock thing. It totally matters! So, since it's an uneven 4:35...happy birthday! I won't send you any forwards for the event or say lol in your presence. :) Have a good one, Melanna.

  7. I am the same about telling people it's my birthday. I actually had some new friends over for a party this year and didn't tell them (they weren't very impressed when they found out) I just wanted to celebrate the holiday and worry about the birthday later :) My friends got over it though, I also try to make it practice to ask new people their birth dates fairly early (and write them down) so I don't run into the same awkwardness on their birthdays :)


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