Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wilton Cake Class - Flowers

Last night I started a Wilton Cake course. I had taken the first one with my sister a couple of years ago and have always wanted to finish, but it never worked with my life. Finally I put it as a goal to finish them on my 30 Before 30 List. So now I'm working on checking that off.

I guess last year Wilton changed how they offered the courses and instead of 4 courses it's now only 3. 3 really expensive (over-priced really) classes. I'm all for getting a good deal. I found out Michaels was offering a 50% discount if you signed up in August for the September classes. And then due to poor signage I got my $50 kit for $20. And then of course I used 40% and 50% off coupons to get the rest of the supplies (and refused to buy the useless things like the Wilton Brand parchment paper. I just made my own with the big roll from Costco). So I kind of feel like I've gotten this course for a steal of a deal, which is good, because there have been some issues.

Like when they told me it started last week and it didn't.

And when they told me it was from 7-9pm and it was really 6:30pm-8:30pm.

Good thing I'm always early so I only missed 15 minutes and was able to catch up in no time at all.

The instructor for this class is hard to follow, mostly because he doesn't announce when he's moving onto the next part so if you're working away and don't look up he's well onto the next thing.

But whatever. In the end I learned how to make pansies (mine need a LOT of practice) and button flowers (hard to mess up when you use a mold...).

It is my opinion that these are way too much work for every day kind of cakes. So don't expect them to pop up much. Except this week, when I'm supposed to practice.


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