Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wilton Cake Class #2

I've been a bad blogger. Sorry. I find whenever I have a new routine it takes a few weeks for the dust to settle and for me to find time for my "cherry on top" kind of activities! And sadly, blogging has to be a cherry on top. Something about being a mom...

Last night was my second Wilton class (from the class that teaches all those flowers...). Um, I knew when I signed up this class would be a stretch for me. And it's really a stretch for me. Please no one ever ask me to make a cake covered in royal icing roses. Or rosebuds. Or primroses. There's hope for the apple blossom...maybe.

I almost didn't show you the pictures of them all, but, heck, I have nothing to hide in showing my failures. And since I know this isn't my strength then really no one (not even rude anonymous comment-ers) can say anything I didn't already know. Ha!

So here they are:

Maybe if I practice lots (and I mean LOTS) then I'll get the hang of it...


  1. Good for you! I'll still hire you to make flowers over me doing it, so they can't look that bad...at least to me!

  2. wow those are cool i don't think i could do that at all


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