Thursday, September 22, 2011

More Than a Mom

This picture has nothing to do with what I'm talking about, but I feel like I've been a slacker in the picture taking department lately, so here's a recent one from when my friend Laura came to visit. This is our fabulous attempt at a self-portrait, because you know how much I love those. Katie was sleeping so we took more with her later.

This morning I met a mom who has 2 kids right around my girls' ages and is expecting twins in a couple of months. As we talked with other moms in the group I noticed that the twins seemed to be the only thing people could talk to her about. I realize that they aren't the most normal situation to encounter, but they're not really abnormal either. I asked her if that's all anyone asks her about lately (yes) and to tell me a little about her outside of her life with kids. What did SHE like to do, what where her hobbies and interests? She admitted that she wasn't asked these types of questions very often and had to really think about an answer.

I thought about that the rest of the morning. How sad that as soon as we become moms it's really easy to forget that we were anything else!

So, if you're a mom, tell me something about YOU outside of your kids (and your husband! That can't be a fall-back answer) in the comments. Something you enjoy spending your time doing, something you're interested in learning more about, some quirk about your personality (and I promise you won't have much quirkier than me so no judgement here!). If you're not a mom, tell me what you want to be known for that if/when you do have kids you don't want to forget.

And lastly, a little challenge for your week, when you meet someone new (especially moms) make a point to ask them questions that they can't answer with talking about their kids. And try to not answer similar questions about YOU with answers about your kids. You're more than just a mom!


  1. Working full time outside of the home helps fill out this category a bit. But besides being a mom and an employeed I love to knit and play poker (*gasp*). And my violin when I get the chance (but don't remind your husband of this fact...). Great post! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. I LOVE to quilt! Don't get a lot of time to do it since I work outside the home and it often takes a backseat to everything else...but I still love it!

  3. I'm an artist and crafter, and discovered I love to blog. I want to learn more about SEO and geeky stuff like that. And my quirk? I alphabatize my spices. :P (yea, I never mentioned my too many to count kids, grand kids, and great grand kids.)

  4. well being a mom that has a grown child I understand this I also worked outside the home so that helped but really that hindered it too. I spent less time with my child so besides work I spent evvery other moment with my child. this all came to a head when he became old enough that he didn't want me around and when he moved out it was even harder. I have found ways to fill the gap but sometimes over do it. one of my savors while he was growingup is finding some friends to rubber stamp with at least one day a month I got to be me not a mom


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