Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kate's Tongue

A few weeks ago Kate started to mimic facial expressions. I made the mistake of sticking my tongue out at her and now she thinks this is best game ever. She'll walk around sticking it out at people. Whoops!

You've probably also noticed the drool ring around the collar of her shirt. I think it's so gross (because it is). This is the downside of teething. She won't wear any sort of bib, so we just live with a wet shirt all day.

She only has 4 more teeth to get (all her cuspids) so hopefully it will end soon. At least until her two year molars arrive.

Until then we'll have a wet shirt. It probably doesn't help the drool situation when she has her tongue hanging out of her mouth half the time.

Quick, give me ideas for a new trick I can teach her to do instead!


  1. Touching her nose? Wiggling her eyebrows? Clapping? whistling? (PS Emily doesn't whistle anymore - so sad!) high fives? Teeth grinding?

  2. Sorry, but Grandma nixes the teeth grinding! It will actually damage the teeth if she does it regularly.

  3. Don't worry Mom, she was referring to something that I posted on Facebook as a joke.


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