Thursday, September 29, 2011

Don't Worry, I Have a List!

 I know you all think that with my lists, surely I don't get behind on anything. Right?

Um, no.

Not true.

Somehow over the next couple of weeks I have a ridiculously large amount of things to get done and not really enough time to do anything. We have something going on every single night and most days too, which isn't typically how we book our lives. So pretty much I have about 1 hour a day I can work with to get any of this done.

Some things HAVE to get done.

Some things I really WANT to get done.

Some things just keep getting moved to that elusive back burner.

Here are just a few of the things that are on those lists:

Have to get done THIS WEEK: 
Royal icing flowers made for my final cake class (and for a friend's daughter's birthday cake)
Bake a cake to put those flowers on
Shop for nylons for a choir concert on Sunday
Memorize songs for choir concert (mostly done, but there are a couple that don't want to stick in my head)
Shop for coordinating clothing for family photos
Invoice/books updated for my job
Meal planning
Grocery shopping
Pack for going to visit Mark's parents

Things I WANT to get done:
Bake cookies
Go through my girl's clothes and figure out what they need for fall
Shop for said clothing
Design invitations for my nephew's birthday party
Read chapters in a book for a class I'm in
Read blogs (it was so much easier to do this when Kate was still nursing)

Things on the back burner until further notice:
3 Christmas present projects
A hand bag I've been meaning to make since, um, February.
Actually make that 2 bags
Make up a document for Mark for booking playing at weddings (I promised him I'd make this some time in the summer. I need to have it done before the next bride calls to book him. Hmmm... no telling what my deadline is.)
My list of everything fun to do in the fall, and here in Canada fall might be done in 3 weeks so I better get a move on.

And we won't even talk about my storage room that has been waiting half-finished in it's reorganization project for the last 2 months. Luckily on that one I can literally just close the door. Ha!

I'm hoping after (Canadian) Thanksgiving that life won't be so crazy. How did everything end up on my plate for this week??


  1. Procrastination from previous weeks? :)

  2. I wish. The flowers I couldn't do until this week because I was still learning. I don't like working with frozen cakes, so I couldn't. I've been working on choir music, and totally forgot I needed new nylons. I just booked the family pictures this morning and I couldn't do the invoices until I got the form from my boss, which I did last night. Meal planning I guess I could have done earlier, but it wasn't actually scheduled into my life until today so I didn't think of it. Grocery shopping can't really be done ahead of time when it's fresh stuff you need. And you can't pack too early either. So sadly everything on my HAVE to do list is not from procrastinating.


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