Friday, February 18, 2011

Snowman Playdate Party

So the problem with having my kids' birthdays in the summer is that all winter party ideas have no outlet. So since I had seen so many cute snowman party ideas in the blogsphere and Mady is always up for doing anything with the word party in it, I decided to invite some friends over for a Snowman Playdate party. This was a few weeks ago, but due to camera problems I'm just getting this posted now.

My original plan was that all the kids could build snowmen out in the yard to start. We had snow, so it seemed perfect. If I had had the party exactly one week before, it would have been as that was the day a chinook blew in making it warm and the snow sticky - perfect snowman weather. As I watched the weather all that week I started making backup plans as all the snow was melting! By Friday morning (the party was on the following Monday) there was literally no snow in my front yard. But then it started to snow. And snow. And snow. I thought "this is great, we'll have plenty of snow for snowmen!" And we did. This is what my front yard looked like Monday morning.

Perfect for snowmen. Sadly, this is what the temperature read Monday morning.

Sigh. So, we made snowmen indoors. Now, just so we're clear we had 7 kids 6 and under and only 3 moms so I didn't take a single picture while the kids were here. Sorry. I'm not that multi-talented.

When the kids arrived we made sock snowmen. They're socks, filled with rice, tied off with an elastic, topped with another sock for a hat and then faces etc. made from felt. This is Mady's.

Next we glued "snow" onto the snowman. Mady LOVED doing this. I pooled the glue on paper plates and for a full week after the party she asked for "snow" and glue. She ended up covering the entire page with cotton balls, and I'm now out of cotton balls. haha! But here is how it looked after her first gluing session.

Then for lunch we made snowman shaped pizzas. I didn't get a picture of this, but imagine pizza dough shaped like snowmen and the kids favourite toppings. :)

I made snowmen milk bottles. I cheated and used mini donuts for the heads instead of Timbits because my local Tim Hortons only had the red-jelly filled powdered timbits and I feared that when I put the straw through they would squirt the red jelly leaving a gruesome looking snowman scene. We didn't want and scared kids. Ha ha!

I cut up a whole tray of veggies. And forgot to serve them. Whoops. We ate them with our supper instead.

For Dessert I made melted snowman cookies. Aren't they cute? Let me tell you, this is the way to make sugar cookies. No rolling/cutting required!

After lunch we made Snowmen on a stick (marshmallows on sticks, decorated with candies). I didn't get pictures of this, so you'll just have to imagine them.

Then I sent home snowman crispy treats as a favour.

I had to remind myself that this wasn't a birthday party so I couldn't go ALL out. It sure was fun! Hope the kids liked it as much as me. Haha!

Edit: I realized that I totally forgot to include links to where I got these ideas. The melted snowman cookies were all over the blogosphere so I have no idea who did it first and the snowman milk was from Bakerella


  1. My kids loved it!! and so did I!! especially because I got to finish Janelles Snowman milk!!

  2. The melted snowman cookies are too cute! What is used for the heads?

  3. They're slightly melted marshmallows. You put them in the microwave just until they puff, not melt, on a greased plate.

  4. where did you get the milk bottles? i need them for bellas pary next august!PS i am reading this in google reader! love it!

  5. I used Starbucks frappuccino bottles. I just dumped the contents into a jug to drink and washed them out really good. That's fine for smaller numbers of bottles (or if you get them all the time, just save the bottle), but if you need quite a few there are some party supply places I've read about that sell the actual mini milk jugs. And since you have people you could ship them to and then pick up from in the states, it might be cheaper to go that route (if you'll be seeing them before) if you're not regular frap drinkers.

  6. here is a supply place that sells the bottles. I've never bought anything from her, so I have no idea the quality and service, I just saw it on another blog.


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