Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jobs I want

There are really fun jobs that I keep finding out about and ones that I know must exist just from using that cute little brain of mine. I'm not looking for a career change at the moment, but if one of these offers came up, I'd totally consider it.

1. To be a flavour taster for Jelly Belly - just not those gross Harry Potter ones that tasted like vomit (literally!).
2. To be a flavour taster for Ben and Jerry's.
3. Basically to just be a flavour taster for anyone who has sweet-tasting products.
4. Actually, a product tester (where you get to keep the good stuff!) in general would be fun.
5. The person who tests all the stuff for reality game shows like The Amazing Race. You'd get to travel all over the world and have some really cool experiences. You don't win a million dollars, but for that job, it's a good trade off.
6. To be a lego artist.
7. How about a Disney cast member? Theme park doesn't matter.
8. To work under a chocolatier (how do you spell that?) like Bernard Calibaut. As long as I got to eat all my "duds."

What about you? Do you have a list of jobs you think would be totally fun? What's the most unusual, fun, quirky job you've ever had?


  1. The most unusual for me was a janitor at a carrot processing plant. I hated it. It lasted three weeks.

  2. i would love to do anything with travel that is along as I have some free time to explore too and not stuck inside an office.

    most unusual job hmmm i tested oil samples from fighter jets in the air force and got to ground pilots when it came back bad.


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