Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dad's Crossword Birthday Card

My Dad is one of those people who does the crossword puzzle every day.
And rarely has to look up the answer.
And can do it in pen.
Yes, I tell you, one of those.

I am not.

The most I do when it comes to word puzzles is search-a-words. Oh I've tried to do crossword puzzles. I even got one of those crossword puzzle dictionaries. Which never have the answers to the puzzles I'm doing. They just don't work for me. My brain doesn't think in crossword puzzle clues. I'm more of a number or logic kind of gal.

Last week my Dad celebrated a birthday. Of course I made him a card. What is more fitting than a crossword puzzle?

I used a shape from my silhouette studio and just added the words and printed it. This is another one that doesn't require the cutter in order to make it. Just in case you aren't yet convinced to at least go and get the free software...


  1. I am awful at crosswords! I have to ask everyone else the answer!

    I really like your card. I bet he just loves it!

  2. I was google for inspiration for my dad's birthday card and found your page. You gave me an idea, my dad is on to crosswords instead so I will try to make a kind of crossword for him at his card.
    Thank you!


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