Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lurkers Where Art Thou?

Over the past couple of weeks I have had several people randomly refer to things in my life that I have no idea how they would know that about me. When I question it they remind me that they either read my blog or are friends with me on Facebook. I realize when I publish things online that anyone can read them, but in my head, though I can see stats on my blog and though Facebook tells me the number of people I'm friends with, I tend to only think those reading are those with whom I interact.

I have lots of friends on Facebook that never make it into my news feed (though I have it set to show all my friends). They never comment on anything I post either, so I assume they don't really use their account (and every few months I go through my friend's list and "house clean" their names right off of there!). I tend to think Facebook needs to be a two-way relationship. It doesn't seem fair that I give people tons of stuff to read in their news feeds and then they give me nothing (and sometimes it's really boring).

With the blog, it's open to anyone. I don't really know who reads it so this one tends to throw me off more when people talk about it. In my head more people I don't know read it than people I do know (which I don't actually think is true, but that's what my head thinks). I want to feel like all of you exist, but if you never tell me you do (through a comment or whatever) I think you don't. So you should tell me you read my blog (not in person as an aside when you bring up stuff in my life that I have no idea how you know, that just creeps me out. :) ). Leave a comment every once in a while so I know you're there, okay?? Please?

And Ps - it doesn't actually creep me out when you bring up my blog, I think it's funny. And awkward. Because then I start  going through my head wondering if I've said anything embarrassing or offensive that will be brought up in your next sentence. It's kind of torture for me, but if that's fun for you, whatev's.


  1. I find many people don't post replies to blogs or facebook too but it doesn't really bother me to much. some reasons I hear are because of word verifications, problems with work computers not letting them or it just takes to long or they will come back to it later then space it. but it is nice to know once in a while like you said that someone looked into me.

  2. I totally 'lurk'. Mostly I like to see all the crafty things that you do!

  3. I think facebook has really hurt blogging. I can post a link to the blog on facebook and people will go read the blog and then leave a comment on FB! too crazy.

    I love the comments. Even though the blog is for myself....I love knowing that someone took the time to leave a thought.

  4. I share your dilemma, Melanna... ;) That wasn't meant to rhyme - but it did! It is kinda disconcerting when people never comment cuz you don't have any opinions to work with!! How's this, though...I like your blog and I'm commenting!

  5. Oh and I like your idea about the personalized sound track following you around! ;)

  6. I get really thrown off when people I know in real life but haven't seen in awhile mention something from my blog- because then they know all about whats going on with me but I have no idea what they are up to... its... unbalanced.

  7. I agree about the facebook thing. It's frustrating when people don't comment straight on your blog post - it makes you look like no one reads anything you write.

  8. I agree about the facebook/blog dilemma, but I also import my blog to several other social and crafting sites, and still don't get many comments. I would love more comments, anywhere I can get them, lol.
    - ourhometoyoursx


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