Friday, May 27, 2011

Birthday Cake

First of all, thank you everyone who sent me birthday comments, emails and face book posts. I felt very special yesterday!

One of my friends even took my 28 facts and quizzed the rest of our mom's group on how well they knew me. We'll have to discuss why the rest of them don't read my blog (especially at 7:30am on a day they're trying to leave the house...). Thanks Katie!

I like to think I've learned a lot in 28 years. I'm sure when I'm 62 (or 29) I'll look back at this and realize how little I actually knew. I was trying to think of a single piece of "wisdom" to share from my 28 years on the planet. This is what I came up with:

Choose quality ingredients for your life.

Choose quality friends as they shape who you are
Choose quality food as it shapes your health (including using real butter! C'mon people!)
Choose quality devotional books, church and spiritual mentors as they shape what you believe
Choose quality media for it shapes your outlook on the world

I'm sure there are a million ways to apply this, but simply put
Choose quality ingredients for your life

As I mentioned yesterday, I would be making my own cake and I did. I had started to make it, but then ran out of flour (and had napping children). Since most of my life gets documented on my facebook page, I lamented this fact in a status and a sweet friend saw it and sent her husband to bring me a big bag of flour. His words to me as he handed it to me were, "I hear girls like to get flours on their birthday." Ha! Thanks Mel!

So this is my cake:

sorry for poor lighting. It's raining here (lots!) and there is no brightness.
There's not even snow to help reflect the light. I know, that's amazing.

Not my most impressive decorating job. I wasn't really going for that. I was more thinking that this cake was going to my mom's group. That is on the other side of the city. During rush hour. In the rain.  And I didn't want to have piped delicate roses and then slam on my breaks and have the cake squish against the side of the cake carrier. So I went with safe decorating on the sides. M&M's!

Sometime when I don't have to travel with my cake, I totally plan on making this vertical layer rose cake. Go look at it, it's so pretty!

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  1. that vertical cake is pretty cool! i sorta wanna give it a try sometime@


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