Friday, May 6, 2011

Mady's Songs

Mady likes to compose songs. She sings all. day. long. And when she's not singing, she's dancing. And when she's not doing that, she's doing both together. She likes to sing loud "like on the TV" (we watched American Idol auditions one day and she hasn't forgotten). 

Earlier this week she was singing so I transcribed one of her songs. I put spaces between what could technically be a shift to a new song. It's really quite hard to tell. :)

These are all sung slightly monotone, so just pick a note and don't go much off of that and you've got a pretty good idea of the tune. Make sure the volume you sing it at is as loud as you can and you've pretty much got it! Hopefully she won't get mad about me sharing her song with the world before she could copyright it. Hehe. Oh and "last time" is her newest phrase referring to anything in the past whether it was 2 minutes or 2 years ago.

May 3rd Post Nap songs

Now my necklace
Whoa my necklace
Whoa, whoa, my necklace
Yes, my necklace
Kaitlyn, what is she doing?
Oh the fireplace
I touch the fireplace last time
I hurt me.
(then she took a break to come get her elbow kissed better. But was right back to singing)

-Jumbled non words- owie, owie, no, no
mommy have an owie
I burn my finger last time
no, yes
I take this off of my finger
I burn my finger making noodles
No, no, no, yes!
I do want lasagna
(this song references a burn that I have on my hand from making lasagna for Mark last week. She's also referring to a burn she got one day last year while helping me make mac and cheese. When I drained the noodles, I told her not to touch the element, which she promptly did, and now knows not to touch things that are hot)

minnow, minna, -more jumbled words-
I like to drive
-jumbled words-
Dance! Dance, dance, dance

When I jump high
jump high
and fall down low
and I jump up high
and fall down low
and spin around
and jump up high
(this was her version of a new song they taught her at church. It's called God Made Me....SHINE! and it's tons of fun, she did pretty good remembering it two days later, though technically she may have heard me sing it since I've led it with the older preschooler kids and have it on the computer)

wiggle, wiggle, okey, dokey, dokey, dokey

no elbows
we have elbows
see? We have elbows
You looking at
elbows, toys
and we fall down low
walk, walk slow
and fall down slow

(then she got bored and decided she wanted to listen/dance to music instead of sing it so that's what we did for the next half hour)


  1. awe! so sweet. hope her creative side always stays in flight. :)

  2. Grandma is laughing, laughing, laughing... and remembering, remembering, remembering....


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