Monday, May 23, 2011

Meet My New Friend

I'd like to introduce you to someone:

This is my vacuum. I think we may become best friends.

As you'll notice, I didn't get a Dyson like I thought I would. Here's what happened.

We decided to go to Vacuum Specialists. If you're local and you ever need a vacuum, this is the place to go. They sell every vacuum that can be sold in Canada and they supply all the other stores as well as builders and other commercial people. You will get the best price through them. And they were wonderful. Very informative, not at all pushy.

I told Mark on the way there I was not going to name any brands when I walked in the door. I was going to tell them what kind of vacuuming needs I have and let them give me recommendations. He did show me a Dyson, but he also told me that he has carpet companies who send them warranty policies that name Dyson (along with some other brands) as carpet warranty voiders. Meaning if you use a Dyson (or these other brands) on their carpet, your warranty is no good. This is because of the brushes that are used in the beater head. They pull up the carpet, not just the dirt. Now I don't have nice carpet in my house, but some day I will probably replace it and when I do I don't want to buy a new vacuum, so...NEXT!

We ended up going with a Sebo. I love this vacuum. Can I gush for a just a minute?

Here are all the things I love about it:

First of all, it's powerful, it literally pulls you around the room. It's more powerful than 95% of the built-in units available.
It's also compact. I don't have tons of space for a monster of a vacuum, this one packs some punch. 
It allows you easy access for fixing it/unclogging etc. No tools required. Those Germans sure are smart when they design things. I can open this thing up everywhere I could ever need to with a flip of a button or a switch. It's fabulous.
(stair attachment which is air powered. So cool!)
The unit is small enough that it can sit on the stairs, but with the long hose, I don't think I will even need to do that.
All the tools except one (the stair tool that we purchased separately) are attached to the unit. That's kind of brilliant. More brilliant is that all but the duster attachment are flush with the unit (and it clips on the handle.

It does have bags (I thought I didn't want that, but now I'm more educated), but they are bigger and cheaper (so lower cost to run) than most other machines. Even the bag-less ones that just replace the bag cost with more expensive filters.
It swivels. Both at the handle and at the machine head the wand swivels so it gives it the glide capabilities that are the same as the Dyson ball. but less bulky. On the same token the wheels on the canister swivel 360º (or is it 180º? Whatever, all the way around in any direction) so the canister follows you in any direction you need to go. The hose also swivels at both ends so it doesn't get tangle up.
Oh and it's a super bendy hose.
The beater head goes right up to the wall so I don't have to pull out a crevice tool to do that part of my floor like I did with my old vacuum.
It has both a long hose and a long power cord (which is also very bendy so it doesn't get stuck places. I know you've all used stiff cords and know how annoying they are).  
Also long is the crevice tool. Whoever invented those teeny short ones obviously didn't have real cleaning needs.
(the crevice tool slides into this little cubby)
It's not super loud for it's suction. And it has adjustable speeds so I can both dust delicate pictures and art (if I had any real stuff) and get down to the nitty gritty tough floor jobs.

(one touch speed control. This will also turn the unit on/off)
I can use it on all floor surfaces and the non-carpet brush will polish my floors as I vacuum. Now I just need floors worth polishing.

(For my kitchen floor etc.)

(It slips onto the end of the unit so I can take it with me.)
The filter in it is hospital grade and will trap everything from dust, mites, spores, mold etc. etc. Basically if it can be in the air, get breathed in and cause you to get sick, it filters it out. I'm a fan. I'm looking forward to the amount of dusting I have to do to go down. We all know I'm not a fan of housework.
It even has a bumper pad around the canister so that it doesn't ding up my walls. 'Cause when I'm trying to work quickly I'm not always careful... :)
And there's something to be said when a guy who has worked in a vacuum store for 25 years has one in his house and has NEVER had a single return of this brand.

He's kind of pretty for such a work horse, too. Wouldn't you say?

I think he needs a name. Suggestions?


  1. steven comes to mind for a name have NO idea why. enjoy vacumning and if you ever get bored I have plenty to do here. :)

  2. Sweet, it makes cleaning a lot more easier to do. You can call him Mr. Cleaner, cant think of any name for him.


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