Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's a Tea Party!

Last Friday I PVR'd the Royal wedding and then when Mady woke up I made scones and we watched a girl become a princess (well, a dutchess, but whatever).  Mady liked the scones and when I told her what we were going to watch she asked me why we weren't watching "the one with all the hair" (Tangled)? But once she saw all the royals arriving she got quite into it.

On Sunday when we went to church a friend of mine asked me to bring the girls to her so she could give them a little gift. They (well, Mady at this point) were quite excited to receive a mini (child-size) cutlery set for their own tea party and princess crowns. When she looked at the crowns Mady said, "Just like on the TV!" It doesn't take this girl long to catch on!

As soon as we got in the car to go home Mady declared that we needed to have a tea party. I convinced her to wait until after lunch and we'd have one with cupcakes (leftover from Daddy's cake). Next time, when I have more time to prepare, I'll pull out the box of tea cups that I have from my grandma, but for this time, we just used mugs. She didn't care, she was quite excited to wear her crown!

For the record, she even got Daddy in a crown, and I even got a picture, but it was only with the promise that it would not be published on the blog or Facebook. :)

Kate was sleeping (she misses everything good because of her naps!), but when she woke up she got to wear a crown too.

The first tea party is considered a success! The second one was begged for within hours. Thank-You Treva!

And I leave with Mady hamming it up with her crown:


  1. But did you promise that you wouldn't EMAIL said picture of Daddy in a crown to select individuals?

    I need a chuckle!

  2. What adorable pics! All girls need crowns. You are such a good mom to do these kinds of things. Your girls will ALWAYS remember. You are making such good memories.

  3. How fun! Your children are precious and you look like the perfect candidate for Super Mom! ;)


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