Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Julie's Princess Party

Julie asked me last month to help her plan a Princess party that was today! It's for the night before a big court appearance after 2 years of battling it out. But the other guy has presented his case, so the court date is going to be all about her (and she is pretty sure she'll win). So she wanted to celebrate, relax and treat her friends to feeling like Princesses for the night. She held it at a spa and asked me to make it pretty.

(Now here is a disclaimer on the pictures, the sun was not cooperating and I just had a little point and shoot. I really need to get my sister-in-law to come take pictures every time I do a party!)

I had so much fun doing this party and if this is a glimpse into life with 2 girls, I'm going to have so much fun as my girls get older! The hardest part about doing this party was that I hadn't seen the room that the party was going to be in. So I had to come prepared to remake my plan to fit the space.

I picked purple as the main colour since its the colour of royalty and I figured pink would end up looking too 5-year-old-girl.

Guests were greeted with Tiara's to wear and were able to take a moment to write Julie a little note to encourage her for the next day.

Favours were wrapped up bottles of home made hand scrub so they could take the princess spa experience home.

The vases were filled with purple shower puffs as a nod to the spa theme and then wrapped with tulle and some sparkly jewels were nestled inside. I laid purple scrapbook paper underneath them and added more jewels sprinkled around the base.

The cake is chocolate and the tiara is too. This was my first time making a tiara (I actually made 2 just in case!) and I was so excited with how it turned out. I dusted it with luster dust and added some pearl candies as well. I used a template off of Cake Central if you want to make one too. (I'm scared of royal icing in 3D form, so I used chocolate and had fabulous results)

Edit: Julie got a better picture than me so here it is:

The cheese ball was a recipe my sister sent me. Bacon sesame. I didn't actually try it (I just realized that now!), so I hope it was good!

Crown sugar cookies cookies covered in royal icing. I love the look of royal icing, but wish it didn't take so long to do. Otherwise I'd make shaped cookies all the time.

For the Fruit wands I cut stars out of melon and then skewered the rest of the fruit. I had a hard time finding fresh fruit that was ripe (and could be skewered) in Canada in November. I wanted strawberries, but after going to 3 stores that didn't have any (What?!) I gave up and went with plan B. There's a strawberry/Vanlla cream cheese and yogurt (strawberry cream cheese mixed with vanilla yogurt) dip beside.

The party cups are one of my favourite little features. I first saw the idea to use a pot maker to make cups on a blog (here) a couple months ago. I would never have thought of it myself, but love that its an easy way to create custom themed cups. I made them out of wrapping paper and I filled them with candy frogs, or, in the spirit of being princesses, I like to call them "Dud Studs"

I made custom water bottle labels that say "Watch me dance, watch me twirl, there's a princess in every girl." That phrase just makes me smile. I found it on a sticker page of Disney Princesses.

The font I used is called Princess Lulu, I got it for free from DaFont. They also had one called Princess that is all pictures of "princess" things. That's where the Tiara picture is from underneath all the words.

So there is the party. I hope it was tons of fun, Julie! I had tons of fun creating it!


  1. It was amazing. You did an excellent job! Way better than what I ever could have thought of myself. What an amazing blessing! ~ Julie

  2. Wow, nice job Melma-bee! When are you coming down to plan my party :)

  3. You definitely have a gift!

  4. the tiara on the cake is so great!

  5. Thank-you! This was my first attempt at a chocolate tiara. I actually made 2 because I was afraid it would break on the way to the spa.
    They look harder than they really are. I can't wait until my girls are older and I can do Princess parties for them!

  6. What a dreamy girls' party! How did you do the tiara? Do you pipe it onto a canister to get the shape? That's a great idea (I might like to steal)!


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