Friday, August 19, 2011

What's YOUR Opinion

Everyone likes to have an opinion (you all know I do!). So I want to hear yours. I have some questions below. Answer them all or answer just the ones your feel passionate about. Doesn't matter to me. Answer in the comments (not on FB or in an email) so everyone can see and weigh in.

1. I recently heard on the radio that some establishments in the States have a "brat ban" meaning that children can no longer come to their establishment except on certain days or times (we're talking the movies and grocery stores not bars and gambling establishments). The thinking is that over 50% of the population is childless. So, if companies remove the "unpleasantness" that is children, they will gain more business. I have thoughts on this. What are yours?

2. Do you think there should be mandatory retesting for driver's licenses past a certain age? If so what age and how often? Why or why not?

3. What would you think of a law that made it illegal (basically under the premise of false advertising) for advertisers and companies to use digitally enhanced photographs to market and sell their products?

4. What do you think of the Kate Moss quote, "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels."?

That's probably enough controversy for one day. Sound off below. And keep it cordial and clean, please.


  1. Are you surprised to see me here? I think not. I'm a sucker for opinion giving.

    1. Great idea. There should also be food places that say "Your Kids Are Welcome" so that way if people come there without kids you don't have to feel bad if your kid acts-up or just acts like a kid, they can't glare because it was their own fault for coming there.

    2. Do you think there should be mandatory retesting for driver's licenses past a certain age? Yup. Starting at 60 you should have a full eye exam and basic reflex test - if you fail in any way, you get referred to do a driver's retest. Repeat at 65 and 70, 72, 74, 76, 78 and every year after 80. There is also already a system in place where family members can privately inform the government of their concerns and the government will then send an official letter to the old person (not saying that anyone sent them) telling them it's time to be re-tested.

    3. What would you think of a law that made it illegal (basically under the premise of false advertising) for advertisers and companies to use digitally enhanced photographs to market and sell their products? That would be awesome but almost impossible to enforce.

    4. What do you think of the Kate Moss quote, "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels."? I know a lot of things that taste better than skinny feels.


  2. I completely echo Jen's comments on #2! But I would like to add one more comment to it, but first a caveat... This is in NO WAY meant as anything racist or discriminatory.

    I believe there should also be strict standards for greater command of the english language (ie reading), or driving materials provided in many more languages. I've seen WAY to many people who are an absolute menace on the roads.
    I've seen people speed through construction zones or pass their exit on the freeway then STOP AND BACK UP (as if FACING the proper direction somehow makes it legal). When confronted on it, they have the audacity to use the "Me no English" excuse. (Missed their sign because they couldn't read it)
    While it wouldn't be prudent to translate all road signage into 15 languages, potential drivers should be able to read them in the English language, else no licence.

  3. 1. I think the 'brat ban' isn't such a great idea. I can see why some people would like it, however, how else are are children supposed to learn to function properly in society if they're only ever subjected to what I would deem and 'altered state' of society? (ie: they're only at the store, etc. when there are tons of other screaming kids there) Also, it's already difficult sometimes to schedule outings around naps, activities, etc., so to further narrow those windows by restricting the times/days that you're allowed to go? I think those establishments may actually see a decrease in their bottom line. While 50% of the population may be single, I would argue (especially for the grocery stores) that the families are the ones that are going to be spending the big bucks. To me it feels kind of like a step backwards to the days when they had signs that read 'no blacks'. I could think of other annoying groups of people that they could possibly start about times when old people aren't allowed to shop? They walk reaaally slowly down the aisles, and pay in pennies at the check out... We can complain about all the things/people that inconvenience us in life, or maybe we could just learn graciousness and (gasp!) patience with all members of society (including those who are still learning)

    2. Yes, yes, yes!

    3. This is a tough one because that would change ALL advertising, not just the fashion industry. Almost all professionals use some type of retouching on their photos (brightening/enhancing sharpness, colors, etc) so to say that they couldn't do that would change a lot of things. If I had my face plastered on a magazine I think I would want it somewhat retouched (not everyone wants to look at my bad skin close up ;P ) But when they're making people skinnier, lighter, etc. I think that's a little extreme and there should be some sort of regulating on that, but like Jen mentioned above, it would be difficult to enforce.

    4.Chocolate, butter, peanut butter,peanut butter IN chocolate, cinnamon buns, brownies, chocolate cake. I could go on :) I just don't think Kate Moss has really lived!

  4. 1.) I understand both sides of this. Children need to learn how to behave in the community, but I have had way too many nice dinner dates with my husband (and no kids) spoiled by "brats" acting up and the parents doing nothing to teach them good social graces.
    2.) EVERYONE WHO HAS A LICENSE SHOULD BE RE-TESTED EVERY 5 (or about) YEARS! I am *ugh* middle aged* and I have seen accidents and been behind bad drivers of every age. My husband who is 70 drives better then most 20 year olds I know. (He doesn't text, lol)
    3.) I don't care cuz I pay little attention to advertising and try to teach my children to think for themselves. So I buy what I like.
    4.) again I don't care, Kate Moss is only a person, paid to entertain us, not direct us. I eat what I like, and as long as I am healthy and happy, that's my business only.

  5. 1- i can see both sides to this but have to say that the problem is not the establishment but the parents that don't teach their childen how to behave. if there is one thing at a restaurant I can't stand is when the kids get up and run around. i will say though now that I am an empty nester there are times I do not want to hear kids and will choose a restaurant appropriately for that or sit in the bar section. maybe instead of bans there should be required parenting classes.

    2 - yes i think everyone that gets a license should be required to at least take the written test every 3 to 5 years. and a physical drive anytime they get more then 2 tickets in a one year period. there are so many people that simply do not know the rules and going from state to state those rules change as well.

    3 - i think that is a silly law in this day in age. considering more and more movies, ads you name are actually produced digitally to begin with. there are already laws in place that talk about false advertising already.

    4 - don't care really just more publicity stunt antitics


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