Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Stampede Debate

I have fantastic memories growing up of going to the Calgary Stampede. My family has been going for forever (no really, basically forever). Every year we go down to the grounds and after spending the day on the rides and eating supper in Weadickville we go to the chuckwagon races and watch the grandstand show (and I sing along. You can read about it here).

Who doesn't love an excuse to dress up in western duds and eat pancakes and bacon for 10 days? I look forward to it every year (truth be told, I could do without the country music, but for 10 days I can stomach it.)!

This will be Kaitlyn's first year at The Stampede (you may remember that I went into labour an hour after getting home last year...). The other day I pulled out my cowboy hat for a prop for my choir's concerts this week and Mady proceeded to tell me all about last year (I'm shocked she remembered so much!).

As a kid we would often go to the parade. We didn't live in Calgary so we would stay at my grandparent's house, wake up super early (5am? 6am? I don't actually remember, it was early!). Drive downtown and set up our little "camp" on the curb side. My mom had a little cooler of breakfast and treats for us. I'm sure we brought some other stuff to do for the long wait.

Here is the debate. Do I take the girls this year? I have no idea if Mark would be able to accompany me. If he can, it would be easier, but if he can't then I will have a 1 and 3 year old, a stroller, a chair or two and a cooler bag of food (which could probably go in the stroller).  The parade doesn't start until 9am (I think there's a pre-parade at 8 or 8:30), but in order to get good seats we would have to be there early (6? 7? I'm not actually sure).

There are purchase-able seats on bleachers, but they're bleachers, meaning it would be a bother to take my stroller and I would have to have both girls on my lap. And, they're so over-priced it's not even funny for something that is essentially free.

The other option is to watch it at home on TV, but that's NOT the same.

So I guess the question is, should I do it? Anyone else want to go with me and make an adventure of it? Anyone done this with small children (alone?) recently and have some tips?? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


  1. Sadly I am out for the next year (or few). I think Kaitlyn is your wild card; I'm guessing Mady would LOVE it! Thus your predicament... :/ Will Kaitlyn sit still for you that long, even with the entertainment, or will she want to move? If she won't last, is there any way to do a Mommy/Mady day? Good luck with the decision - not an easy one!

  2. Will Jen be there soon enough to join you, or would that just double the complications?


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