Monday, June 20, 2011

Favourite Children's Books At Our House

Madelyn loves books! She'll gladly bring a stack of 20 books and then sit listening to them all. She's always been good at sitting through the lengths of books. We went the library the other day to check out some Fancy Nancy books. The librarian told me she was too young for Fancy Nancy. I assured her that she wasn't! Even the early reader versions Mady will sit and listen.

She's at a funny stage of books. She'll still bring the "baby" style books to be read intermixed with the more advanced picture books. Here are some favourites for the preschoolers at our house (meaning we read them until we're so sick of them we have to hide them).

Little Blue Truck - I think this one is a favourite because of the voices that Daddy does when he reads it. And though I have two little girls, this is a book that both boys and girls would enjoy (and boys would probably like it even more so).

Fancy Nancy - As I mentioned  above, Fancy Nancy is our new favourite. Mady loves all the fancy pictures. The other day I even heard her throwing in "Nancy" phrases into her play "ooh, la, la!" I tried not to laugh too hard.

Duck and Goose - This was a series that Auntie introduced us to (she has a knack for picking good books and most of the ones she has given our girls have become fast favourites - Thanks Auntie Mel!). I love these books because they have nice pictures and are sweet little stories. Duck and Goose 123 was probably Mady's first official favourite book. Kate is starting to like them now too.

Robert Munsch books - I know he writes lots of books, so I'll try to narrow it down, but they are just so much fun! I think Mady's favourites at the moment are Moira's Birthday and The Fire Station. She also likes my childhood favourite, Murmel, Murmel, Murmel.  There are very few that we're not big fans of (Millicent and Wind isn't high on the list). I've read his books since I was about 4 so I feel like I know them well. If you've never read a Robert Munsch book (or at least if you've never read more than Love You Forever), you need to check them out. They're fun and silly and inspired by real life kids (and Canadian too!).
Ten Little Racing Cars - Remember how Mark like's race cars? This is the perfect book for him to read to Mady. This one has been hidden for a few months because we literally read it about 10 times a day each. If you need a book for a race car lover, this is a good choice!

That's just a quick peek at our book shelf. We have many, many more that we love and as Kaitlyn discovers books there are sure to be more. What are the favourite kid books at YOUR house?

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  1. I've been curious about the Fancy Nancy books - I saw that our library had a series of children's programs with the Fancy Nancy theme.


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