Friday, June 3, 2011

That crazy kid of mine (and the other one too)

Some updates on Mady:

I love being a mom and love it even more when my kids make me laugh. Mady is known to say things in the heat of the moment and can just make my blood boil, but then also innocent things that she doesn't realize what she's saying.

Earlier this week we had this conversation:

"Mommy, I want to colour."
"Not now, it's nap time"
"Yes! I want to colour."
"I said no."
"I said yes!"
"Who's the Mommy?"
"Who's the Madelyn?"

It took me a while to view it as funny.


Yesterday we were out shopping. As I put her back into her car seat, I said to Mady that I appreciated what a great little shopper she is. She smiled and said, 
"Thanks for coming with me!"

Right, like you were going to go alone.

Daddy taught Mady this game. Kate thinks it's the best thing ever!

And the last one so I don't forget... On Saturday I took Mady to a wedding of a friend. When I asked her if she wanted to go with me I told her it was a wedding like the one we watched on TV (the royal wedding). She was in awe the whole time. The next morning when we were getting ready for church I told her to go get her shoes that she wore yesterday to the wedding to which she replied, "You mean the ones I wore when I saw the princess?" Awe, yes, she did look like a princess. And thus the wedding planning begins in her mind, I'm sure!

She totally couldn't figure out why she was posing with a suitcase
Madelyn and I spent our first night apart, ever (even when Kate was born, I was home by 2:30am.). She went to a sleep over at her cousin, Claire's house. So fun! She helped to pack her suitcase and since I don't have a super mini one that's her size, she took my carry-on size one. We filled it by adding her pillow. Mady was supposed to sleep on Claire's trundle bed, but when they pulled it out, Claire wanted to sleep on it, so the girls shared the bed that night. I was kind of expecting the famous middle of the night phone call, but there were no tears (at least that I saw) and Mady came back glowing about how much fun she had.
"here's my suitcase all packed and ready to go!"

Thanks Uncle Jeff and Auntie Jaclyn for the fun night!


  1. hahaha. treasure these moments

  2. hahaha, gotta love em. our children truly are a blessing from God. And just wait, the comments get better as they get older. You'll fume more, but then laugh harder.


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