Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Looking for fun summer ideas

I'm kind of a funny gal. I loathe winter, but then when summer comes, I hate bugs and being too hot so I'll gladly stay inside. But then I feel like I waste the whole summer. So, I'm making a list of fun things to do with Mady that will make me go outside. Ha!

Here's what I have:
Make popsicles (to eat outside)
Blow bubbles with the bubble machine
Run through the sprinkler
Pull out the kiddie pool
Have a picnic at a park (with friends!)

That's all I've got. I need ideas, people! I need some sunshine. Kate and I are just not people who like to sit outside for no reason. Not even to tan. Hehe!


  1. There is a reason we're friends! I'll try to think of ideas I could palate. ;)

    You forgot riding her bike, and could also add sidewalk chalk art, soccer... Oh, you could hula hoop outside! Hmmm, you could read stories outside instead of inside. You could get her a sandbox type structure.

    Who am I kidding. I just told hubby I want a screened in porch so that I'll be willing to go outside - no bugs!!

  2. It may be a little late for the area that you are in, but you could also give Mady her own little garden plot and help her plant some flowers or veggies!


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