Friday, June 17, 2011

My Week in Statistics

Songs memorized: 16 total (8 of which were mastered this week)
Items baked: 5 (but that will go up today!)
Average bed-time: 11:00pm
Average wake-time: 6:00am
Things planned to get done: 57
Actual things I got done: About 25
Planned shopping trips made: 2
Shopping trips for forgotten items: 6
Pieces of cake eaten: 4
Hours at choir rehearsal: 5
Noses wiped: 2 little noses repeated about 100 times each
Number of time I have said “cover your mouth when you cough please”: Infinite
Number of nasel rinses, gargle sessions and vitamins taken in order to not get sick: 2/2/12 (this only started 2 days ago, it will be repeated every day until the whole house is better)
Emails written: 11
Emails needed to be written: 15
Loads of laundry: 6
Hockey games watched: 0 (I hear I didn't miss much)
Minutes spent looking for Kate's soother: 14 (seriously where did it go??)
Times my silhouette used: 1
Number of hours of sleep I would like in order to catch up from the multiple wakings of a sick baby: 12
Days Mark was away: 2
Books read to Mady: 7 (on repeat. Ha!)
Days left until the sanity of my life returns: Who knows?

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