Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Brother Cards

My big brother's birthday is the day after mine. I like to think that I was the best present he ever got. :) My brother-in-law's birthday is just a few days later.

So, I present to you the cards I made for them.

I'll start with Dan's. I got the idea from somewhere online. I don't remember where, Flikr, probably. It turned out a little younger-looking than I intended. I think the colours did that and then the monster looked younger than what was used on the original card. So it's not my favourite for a guy in his thirties, but I also know that they don't really read cards all that carefully, so he'll forget in a month anyway. I'll keep the card file on hand and save it for future use when a little boy I know is having a birthday and needs a card! As a card in and of itself, I do like the design. Everything was made on my silhouette.

For Kevin's card, well, he's my brother. I see to it to be a brat whenever possible. I totally borrowed the idea from Hallmark. Thanks Hallmark, but your cards aren't THAT witty in that I'm willing to pay your prices, when I can make one a bit more personal and have the joy of making it myself. So there. Again, designed on my silhouette software, but there's nothing cut out, I just printed it.

I got to watch him open it. He had the exact reaction I was hoping for. :)


  1. I totally agree with the price of cards. I usually go to and make mine on-line (when I can remember) lol

    I almost forgot, my daughter was born 3 days after my oldest son. We came home on his third birthday. His comment upon seeing his sister was "I wanted a truck" :)

  2. Oh how funny and cute, Debbi! My sister was born the day after my 3rd birthday ~ gonna have to ask my mom what my reaction was LOL. I still find it fascinating how so many "family member's" both actual and eventually "in-lawed" have birthdays close to each other??? After all, there are 365 days in the year!!!!


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